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Boost Cybersecurity, Privacy and Asset Compliance for Healthcare Networks

Advancements in technology-enabled healthcare have led to an explosive growth of interconnected IoT, OT, IT, IoMT and medical devices, all to improve patient care and outcomes. Along with advancements come risks and an ever-increasing attack surface. The Forescout Platform’s zero trust approach eliminates blind spots, giving you the visibility to automatically identify, classify and segment every device the instant it connects to your network, without requiring an agent.

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Cybersecurity for Healthcare

Healthcare Cybersecurity Capabilities

Eliminate blind spots and safely expand network access to clinicians, caregivers, research organizations and contractors while securely embracing agentless medical devices and supporting compliance initiatives.


Comprehensive visibility across IT, IoT, IoMT and OT devices

Get real-time agentless device visibility, assessment and inventory of all IP-connected devices, managed and unmanaged, across HDO networks. Discover and assess every smart device, IT endpoint, clinical device and building automation system regardless of location – without disrupting care.

Dynamic segmentation, without disruption

Dynamically group devices by device identity and business context and map traffic flows between groups across domains. Visualize and model the impact of segmentation schemes before deployment. Automatically remove noncompliant devices from the network or quarantine them in a safe segment.

Automated device and regulatory compliance

Gain continuous visibility and control to keep devices compliant and current. Control network access in heterogeneous environments with or without 802.1X and without infrastructure upgrades or changes.

Enforcement of zero trust security

Implement least-privilege policies based on user, device, connection, posture and compliance.

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