Healthcare Cybersecurity: Navigating Compliance & Threats


Join this webinar for a dynamic session exploring the pivotal role of comprehensive visibility across your entire environment—spanning IT, OT, and IoT/IoMT devices—in driving a robust security automation strategy. Discover how this visibility serves as a cornerstone, ensuring continuous adherence to security frameworks and compliance standards.

Featured Speaker:

Daniel Trivellato
VP, OT & IoMT Solutions

What You’ll Learn:
  • Harnessing Visibility for Risk Quantification: Learn how comprehensive visibility helps in quantifying risk within your environment.
  • Strengthening Security Posture: Explore the impact of introducing security policies and controls, such as NAC, ZTNA, or segmentation, in enhancing your organization’s risk posture over time.
  • Empowering Threat Detection and Response: Uncover how visibility lays the groundwork for effective threat detection and response. Learn how it complements existing SIEM investments, equipping security operations teams with actionable incident information.
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