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Fortify Resilience and Stay Ahead of New Power and Utilities Risks and Guidelines

Power utilities are digitizing operations and increasing interconnectivity to enable distributed, renewable energy production and to manage grid control. Meanwhile, cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure are on the rise, and governments are requiring operators to be prepared for the new threat landscape. Exceed requirements by managing security and operational risk with ICS/SCADA-specific threat intelligence and automation.

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Power & Utilities Cybersecurity Capabilities

Identify and assess your connected ICS/SCADA assets

Visualize and continuously assess all connected assets including their communication, behavior, and vulnerabilities as you onboard digital power stations and optimize grid control and resilience.

Streamline NERC CIP and NIS Directive compliance

Build a real-time asset inventory categorized according to NERC CIP terminology. Baseline network communication behavior and asset configurations and automatically track changes for compliance reporting.

Monitor and manage your security perimeter

Monitor third-party technicians and remote employees as they connect to SCADA or substation networks to perform maintenance. Automatically verify security posture before granting access to critical assets.

Leverage 12+ years of ICS/SCADA threat research

Detect any threat to operational continuity, from operational issues to advanced cyberattacks, and use actionable insights to prioritize response or initiate next steps automatically – from creating a SOC or ITSM ticket to segmenting vulnerable devices.

Scale across your entire digital terrain

Choose among flexible deployment options and seamless integration with existing network infrastructure, SIEM/SOC, asset management and other security tools.

Sample Network Architecture in
a Power & Utilities Environment

This diagram shows a typical architecture of the Forescout solution for SCADA and substation deployments. Various sensor options are available, ranging from high-performance appliances for centralized deployments to substation-certified and lighter, low-cost models, as well as deployment on existing network infrastructure equipment for use in decentralized or segmented networks with limited throughput. Integrate with your security ecosystem to exchange insights, automate workflows and initiate response to emerging cyber threats.

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