Device Compliance


Continuously monitor and enforce compliance of all connected things

There’s no gray area when it comes to cybersecurity compliance. To hackers and regulators, partial compliance is noncompliance. Vulnerable platforms, unpatched devices and default credentials expose your network to substantial risk of a breach, unwanted downtime, and regulatory fines – heightened by the increase in unmanaged devices, digitalization and a transient workforce.

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Device Compliance Challenges

Most IT teams lack the ability to assess, in real time, all asset types, both managed and unmanaged, to confirm they comply with their organization’s security framework.

Agentless Visibility

Reliance on Point-in-Time Scans of Some Assets

Outdated, point-in-time compliance snapshots limited to agentable devices leave you exposed.

Alert Fatigue

Inability to Apply Controls & Enforce Compliance

Lack of information impedes ability to police unmanaged, unpatched, potentially infected or rogue devices.

Incomplete Documentation Leads to Failed Audits

If you achieve asset compliance but can’t document it, you’re still subject to audit failure.

Why Forescout for Device Compliance

Continuous, automated assessment, remediation and enforcement of compliance for all connected assets.

Rich Device Context

Leverage 150+ classification attributes for assessment and remediation and share with integrated security tools in real time.

Blended Techniques

Use passive discovery, active scanning and third-party integrations to assess all connected device types.

Policy-Based Remediation

Automatically initiate policy-based remediation and risk mitigation actions with your existing security tools.

Unmanaged Devices

Combine agentless integration with patented deep packet inspection of 250+ protocols to identify and assess unmanaged IoT, IoMT and OT/ICS devices.

Risk & Exposure Attributes

Correlate compliance and configuration state with risk and exposure data to proactively design, implement and prioritize remediation efforts.

Audit Requirements

Leverage automated assessment and policy enforcement to make passing regulatory compliance audits a byproduct of day-to-day security operations and best- practice cyber hygiene.

Federal Government Device Compliance through CDM and Comply to Connect

Forescout helps ensure device compliance – and more – as a primary technology provider in two major U.S. federal cybersecurity programs: Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) for federal civilian agencies and Comply to Connect (C2C) for the Department of Defense (DoD).

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