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Device Compliance

Continuously Monitor and Enforce Compliance of All Connected Things

There’s no gray area when it comes to cybersecurity compliance. To hackers and regulators, partial compliance is noncompliance. Vulnerable platforms, unpatched devices and default passwords expose your network to substantial risk, creating compliance gaps that continue to widen as more devices are added or become virtual and extend into the cloud. Forescout’s mission is to continuously assess, remediate and enforce the security compliance of all devices.

Device Compliance Cybersecurity

Device Compliance Capabilities

The Forescout Platform assesses device security posture in real time upon connection and initiates remediation workflows with your existing security tools to enforce compliance. It continuously monitors all devices for new threats and reassesses their hygiene every time the device leaves and returns to the corporate network.

Agentless device visibility

Assess all device types, including transient devices often missed by point-in-time VA scans, without requiring agents.

Continuously assess devices and enforce compliance policies

Detect and fix missing, broken and out-of-date security agents among your existing tools.

Control system configurations in IT/IoT/OT environments

Control system configurations and manage weak or default passwords - even on agentless IoT devices.

Device Compliance Customer Confidence

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