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Vedere Research Labs

About Vedere Labs

Vedere Labs is the cybersecurity research arm of Forescout Technologies. This team of global experts focuses on threat and vulnerability research that is shared with the broader cybersecurity community, including cybersecurity agencies and other researchers, software organizations, and device manufacturers. The threat intelligence developed by Vedere Labs is also delivered to the Forescout Platform to ensure customers have the latest automated cybersecurity to protect their digital terrains.

Our Mission

“Vedere” is the Italian word meaning “to see”, which epitomizes the mission of Vedere Labs. Our team of experts is 100% focused on increasing visibility of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, and equally important, always providing mitigation steps that organizations can use to better protect themselves.

The Global Cyber Intelligence Dashboard

Vedere Labs created the Global Cyber Intelligence Dashboard to communicate its data, research and analysis to the broader cybersecurity community. It leverages 30 billion datapoints collected from millions of deployed IT, IoT, IoMT and OT devices, as well as robust network data stored in our proprietary data lake.

Experience The Intelligence Dashboard

The dashboard is a unique source of information about vulnerabilities and the global state of cyber risk. It also provides a starting point for visitors to explore the timely research performed by Vedere Labs.

Project Memoria

This team of expert cybersecurity researchers recently completed one of the biggest software vulnerability studies ever conducted – Project Memoria – with additional research projects in progress.

During the 18 months of Project Memoria, Vedere Labs announced 5 different phases of vulnerability research with a total of 97 vulnerabilities, affecting 14 TCP/IP stacks. This report summarizes the key findings and mitigation steps that organizations can take to protect themselves from the vulnerabilities found.

Commitment to the Industry

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries face a rapidly evolving threat landscape that extends beyond their depth and breadth of understanding. Hybrid work, proliferation of IoT devices and the convergence of IT and OT networks have increased an organization’s risk and exposure to debilitating cyberattacks.

Each day, stories of ransomware attacks and data breaches make headlines around the globe. Vedere Labs is a committed ally to the cybersecurity industry, partnering in the fight against rapidly developing and increasingly sophisticated threats.

Discovering Threats for the Community

Vedere Labs is uniquely positioned to discover and analyze new threats, thanks to the billions of datapoints it has collected. Access to this real-time, multi-dimensional data enables Vedere Labs to perform three vital actions on behalf of organizations and the cybersecurity community:


Discover new attack vectors.


Analyze tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) as they emerge and evolve.


Quantify the global impact of new and evolving threats.