Network Access Control


Go beyond authentication with access control decisions powered by compliance.

You need a NAC solution that can find the cyber assets hiding in your network’s blind spots, assess their compliance posture, trigger remediation workflows, and enforce access controls across networks of all shapes and sizes. Thankfully, there’s Forescout.


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We Know NAC

Forescout Customer implementations


Customer implementations

Gartner Peer Insights


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Consequences of an attack/breach are growing


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Active and passive discovery and assessment techniques

Unveiling Vulnerabilities and the Role of Network Access Control

Explore how 44% of vulnerabilities without a CVE ID can be exploited for unauthorized system access. Delve into “Exposing the Exploited,” a Forescout Research Report highlighting these risks and the importance of robust network access control. With nearly 90,000 vulnerabilities lacking a CVE ID and over 21,200 issues discovered in 2023 alone, understanding and implementing effective network access control measures is paramount.

NAC Enforcement Done Your Way

An intuitive and flexible policy engine enables you to automate and apply targeted control actions based on your needs and priority. You can apply policy-based controls that enforce device compliance to proactively reduce your attack surface or quarantine an infected endpoint to rapidly respond to incidents.

How We're Different

Agentless Visibility


Get coverage of all managed and unmanaged IT devices, and leverage techniques tailored specifically for IoT, OT and IoMT assets to eliminate network blind spots once and for all.

Continuous Assessmen

Continuous Assessment

Assess security posture in real time without solely relying on an agent. You can even detect and fix missing, broken and out-of-date security agents among your existing ecosystem of tools.

Continuous Monitoring

Automated Remediation

Coordinate an automated response to threats and enforce a broad range of network and host-based controls, such as quarantining from the network or patching a vulnerability to effectively reduce risk.

Complete Asset Inventory

Flexible Deployment

Customize how access is granted with the ability to deploy 802.1X for authenticating managed devices and post-connect assessment and controls for unmanaged IoT, OT and IoMT assets.

NAC Solution Awards and Recognition

Forescout is Recognized as a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Network Access Control

“Implements well, and has an outstanding agentless visibility that is unmatched.” – Customer review

Frost And Sullivan 2023 Radar SM

Forescout Named 2023 Frost Radar™ NAC Innovation Leader

“The company’s network security platform offers complete visibility of connected devices, continuous compliance, network segmentation and NAC. Through the Forescout Platform, customers gain data-powered intelligence for accurate cyberthreat risk detection and remediation without disrupting critical business assets.” – Frost & Sullivan

The Foundation of Zero Trust Security

Enforcing least-privilege access based on trust level is at the heart of a zero trust architecture (ZTA). Beyond simple device authentication, Forescout helps you adopt ZTA with:

Visibility into every
IP-connected device

Discover and classify every workstation, laptop, printer, IP phone, camera, access point, IoT device, OT device, medical device and more.

asset inventory

Quickly build a detailed inventory of every device’s configuration and compliance state to streamline asset management, security operations and IT support

Automated security posture assessment and remediation

Assess device security posture in real time, without agents, and remediate noncompliant devices upon connection.

Policy enforcement across heterogeneous networks

Improve security and business uptime by preventing unauthorized, rogue and impersonating devices from connecting.

Customer Success with Forescout Network Access Control

“With Forescout, it was easy to see not only how many assets needed attention but exactly which ones and who they belonged to. The depth of asset information available is incredibly useful and saves us time in multiple ways.”

Jan-Erik Strauss System and Network Administrator Winkelmann Group

“As soon as we saw and understood the power of the Forescout platform to bridge visibility and control security gaps – and of eyeSegment to noninvasively rectify segmentation shortfalls – we knew that it was what we were looking for.”

Jeff Haidet Director of Application Development and Architecture South Central Power Co.

“I could see clearly that every one of my direct reports would have an application for the Forescout platform. There’s no question it would help dramatically in security, compliance and desktop support.”

Michael Hussey Chief Information Officer State of Utah

“The ability to remotely find the infected device and immediately neutralize or quarantine it to keep the network safe has been a game changer. Now we get an alert in our Splunk SIEM and, via Forescout integration, we know details such as whether or not the infected device is critical. If it is critical, it is immediately quarantined; if not, the incident is escalated for review. Our SOC typically responds to a ransomware incident in under 30 minutes, versus four, six, eight hours or more.”

Kashif Parvaiz Chief Information Security Officer University Health Network

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