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Modern Network Access Control (NAC)

Automate network access control across heterogeneous networks

With the list of devices connected to your network growing constantly, it’s impossible to keep track of all of them on your own. Implement and enforce Zero Trust by continuously identifying all connected devices, assessing security posture, automating remediation workflows and implementing access controls for provisioning least-privilege access with Forescout’s modern network access control. Get a one-on-one look at the ease, power and impact Forescout solutions can have on your Enterprise of Things.

With Forescout, you can:

  • Inventory and monitor all managed and unmanaged devices on a single platform
  • Implement 20+ active and passive discovery methods with passive-only options
  • Create policies with device identification and actionable three-dimensional classification taxonomy
  • Assess posture and compliance for Windows, macOS, Linux and IoT devices without an agent
  • Unify your policy engine for automating posture assessment, remediation, incident response and network access workflows
  • Enforce network access through flexible 802.1X and non-802.1X options for post-connect and pre-connect, without the need for SW/HW upgrades
  • Support your network infrastructure across 30+ wired, wireless and software-defined infrastructure vendors and hundreds of models in both IT and OT networks

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