A Complete Portfolio to Secure Your Enterprise of Things

Forescout’s Zero Trust platform actively defends every connected device on your heterogeneous network. Our product portfolio builds on that strong foundation by strengthening visibility, simplifying implementation of segmentation, leveraging policy-based controls, automating policy enforcement across solutions and erecting a wall of protection around your OT network. Forescout deploys quickly at large-enterprise scale – managing more than two million endpoints per deployment – without the need for infrastructure upgrades, resulting in faster ROI and lower TCO.

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Forescout Products

Get the capabilities you need to build a tailored security solution for your Enterprise of Things
and the ability to orchestrate actions to reduce cyber risk.


Continuously discover, classify and assess devices without agents or active techniques that could compromise business operations.



Continuously and passively discover, classify and monitor OT network devices for real-time risk management.



Accelerate the design, planning and deployment of dynamic Zero Trust segmentation across the extended enterprise to reduce your attack surface and regulatory risk.



Enforce and automate policy-based controls to mitigate threats, incidents and compliance gaps.



Share device context between the Forescout platform and other IT and security products to automate policy enforcement and mitigate risks.


Forescout Solutions

Whether you are seeking to address individual use cases, find answers to industry-specific needs or ensure regulatory compliance, Forescout offers the solutions to protect your Enterprise of Things.

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Technology Alliances

Explore our ecosystem of partners offering complementary expertise and technology to turn your most ambitious enterprise security needs into realities.

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Appliance Specifications

Forescout products can be deployed on virtual or physical appliances. For virtualized environments, VMware® ESXi, Microsoft® Hyper-V and KVM hypervisors are supported. Large networks that require multiple physical or virtual appliances can be centrally managed by eyeManage.

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