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Welcome to The Forescout Platform

Security teams across the globe face many challenges, not the least of which is trying to deal with an explosion in the number of digital assets while facing a shortage of cybersecurity personnel. You don’t need more security products; you need a force multiplier – a platform that makes your team more effective and able to focus on what matters.

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Who’s Seeing the Assets You Aren’t?

The Forescout Platform is the only solution that delivers visibility and automation across all types of assets – IT, IoT, IoMT, OT – which collectively represent the digital terrain of your organization.

One Platform. Complete Coverage of Assets. Continuous Automated Security.

Discover and inventory cyber assets on your network. Assess them for compliance and risk gaps that don’t align to your security controls. Govern assets proactively to minimize attack surface and breach impact.

How It Works

The Forescout Platform delivers automated 360-degree asset visibility across your digital terrain in three comprehensive steps:


Know exactly how many assets are connected to your network. No blind spots. No agents required. One comprehensive source of truth for all connected assets. In fact, Forescout Platform typically discovers between 30% – 50% more devices than our customers thought were on their networks.



Continuously assess compliance and risk posture without requiring agents across all cyber assets. Integrate with dozens of third-party cybersecurity products to bolster native assessment capabilities. You decide how assets are assessed; the platform is completely adaptable to your needs.



Scale to protect your entire digital terrain by shrinking your attack surface and minimizing the impact of breaches. Continuously assess the compliance of each asset using pinpoint controls to guide proactive remediation or dynamic segmentation.


“Automation empowers our employees, our security team and our security operations center to focus on what really matters.”

— Nick Duda, Principal Security Engineer, HubSpot

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No Agents. No Scanning.

Gain unparalleled visibility into all IP-connected assets across your digital terrain they instant they connect to the network – no agents required.

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Actionable Visibility

Why stop with the most robust asset inventory across IT, IoT, IoMT and OT/ICS assets? Have confidence to remediate and restrict these assets to decrease your risk.


Cybersecurity Automation

Reduce your exposure and minimize response time by automating controls to align to your security framework.

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“Forescout has proactively increased the security posture of the enterprise… This has increased our asset management efficiency and accuracy, while also enabling us to better understand our assets with a service-oriented perspective.”

— Kevin See, Deputy CIO, CA Dept of Water Resources

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Multifactor Risk Scoring

Cut through the noise to focus on critical assets with the largest probable risk based on compliance, behavior and configuration.

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Forescout Timeline

Augment compliance and risk reporting with cloud-based retention, search and historical analytics of all assets in your digital terrain.

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Device Cloud

Forescout boasts the world’s largest cyber asset database, with over 21 billion data points to understand what assets pose the highest risk to your environment.

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Forescout Products

Get the capabilities you need to reduce your cyber risk from an automated security platform built to handle your digital terrain.


Improve Your SOC Efficiency by 450x with​ Better Detection and Response of True Threats​



Continuously discover, assess and govern assets without agents or active techniques that could compromise business operations.



Continuously and passively discover, classify and monitor OT network devices for real-time risk management.



Accelerate the design, planning and deployment of dynamic zero trust segmentation across the extended enterprise to reduce your attack surface and regulatory risk.



Enforce and automate policy-based controls to mitigate threats, incidents and compliance gaps.



Share device context between the Forescout platform and other IT and security products to automate policy enforcement and mitigate risks.


Forescout Medical Device Security

See, secure and seamlessly manage medical devices across your clinical network.


Multifactor Risk Scoring

Prioritize the riskiest assets based on quantified configuration, function and behavior.


Forescout Timeline

Get enhanced, cloud-based data retention, search and analytics of essential asset data to better meet compliance and audit requirements.


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