The Forescout Platform


Manage risks. Contain events. Mitigate threats.

The Forescout Platform continuously identifies, protects and ensures the compliance of all managed and unmanaged cyber assets – IT, IoT, IoMT and OT – without business disruption. It delivers comprehensive capabilities for network security, risk and exposure management, and extended detection and response. With seamless context sharing and workflow orchestration via ecosystem partners, it enables you to more effectively manage cyber risk and mitigate threats.


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What the Forescout Platform Can Do for You

See how the Forescout Platform gives visibility to unseen assets integrating security operations with compliance to confidently manage risk.

Key Features & Benefits


Real-time and continuous agentless discovery and classification of both managed and unmanaged assets; traditional IT, IoT, IoMT, and OT/ICS. Using, high-fidelity asset classification powered by Forescout Cloud.

150+ Classification Attributes

Policy Enforcement

Understand gaps in your compliance or security posture and leverage Forescout’s centralized policy engine to reduce your exposure risk and drive a closer alignment to your goals, desired state and your security framework.

Automate security policies

Cybersecurity Automation

The Forescout Platform enables systems to share policy-based decisions to automate proactive and reactive security controls, to reduce your exposure and minimize incident response time through a coordinated, instantaneous response.

Minimize business disruption


Rich contextual visualizations delivered through persona-based dashboards, powered by Forescout comprehensive intelligence, providing meaningful insights in to risks, threats, behaviours and compliance state

Flexible Deployment

APIs / Ecosystem

Enhance existing security investments, by dynamically sharing device identity, configuration state, risk attributes, and threat context with other security tools. This bidirectional data exchange provides a great return-on-investment across your security ecosystem.


Share real-time device context between the Forescout Platform and more than 70 third-party IT and security products, orchestrate workflows across disparate tools, and accelerate system-wide response to mitigate risks, and respond to threats.

Risk & Exposure Management

Identify, quantify and prioritize cybersecurity risk & compliance

Cyber Asset Management

Discover and assess every connected cyber asset to provide real-time awareness of your attack surface

Visibility & Compliance

Leverage data collected by Forescout that enables the most accurate CMDB and full asset history

Risk Prioritization

Identify high-risk cyber assets to prioritize response actions and minimize exposure caused by vulnerabilities and misconfiguration

Network Security

Assess, segment and enforce with proactive and reactive controls

Network Access Control

Continuously monitor all connected assets to govern access to the enterprise-wide network infrastructure, through flexible and dynamic network access policies

Risk & Threat Containment

Reduce your blast radius with real-time pinpoint network controls, giving you the time to properly mitigate or remediate security concerns

Segmentation Management

Remove the complexity of deploying network segmentation – monitor and maintain your network controls with real-time traffic visibility to avoid gaps and misconfigurations

Threat Detection & Response

Detect, investigate and respond to true threats and incidents

True Threat Correlation

Help eliminate alert noise to better detect advanced threats, and provide automated responses across your entire enterprise

Optimized Security Operations

Automate, simplify and accelerate TDIR processes and help eliminate alert fatigue, from a single console

SecOps Visibility

Get comprehensive visibility into a broad range of critical SOC performance metrics via persona-based dashboards and reports

OT Security

Reduce operational and security risk in converged OT/IT environments

Zero Downtime

Avoid operational disruption with passive monitoring using DPI of 250+ protocols, non-intrusive vulnerability identification and flexible mitigation actions

Threat Detection & Response

Detect misconfigurations, operational errors and advanced cyberattacks using ICS-specific threat indicators aligned with MITRE ATT&CK for ICS

Standards Compliance

Streamline compliance with dashboards, analytics and reporting tools aligned with NERC CIP, EU NIS Directive, NIST CSF and IEC 62443

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