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Forescout Customer Advocacy

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You’re under immense pressure to keep your company’s data, people and infrastructure safe, 24/7. When things go right, nobody notices. Let Forescout help you share your story and gain the recognition you and your team deserve.

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Cybersecurity is a team sport – one that’s evolving every day. The best way to stay in the game is to share your experience and learn from your peers. When you share your experience, you advance careers, including your own.

Being a Forescout Advocate can help you strengthen your professional network, increase your visibility, even get a promotion. Moreover, your real-world insights can contribute to improving our products and platform. Being an Advocate pays you back, in whatever way works best for you.

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Share Your Story

There are many ways to champion your success. Choose the ones that work for you.

Case study: Every story and use case is unique. Let us capture the cybersecurity challenges your team faces, what you look for from your vendors, how you manage risk and ensure compliance, and how you measure success.

Video testimonial: Do you have a visually compelling story? We’ll send a camera crew to capture you and your team in your best light.

Media or analyst interviews: Help reporters and industry analysts get it right. Explain your insights for possible recognition in their next article or report.

Event speaker: Your peers want to learn from others who are facing the same challenges. Share your knowledge by speaking at an event or on a webinar.

User group presenter: Want to build your public speaking confidence in a comfortable setting? Teach other Forescout users what you’ve learned in this private group session.

Product review: Help your peers evaluate solutions by writing a review.

Meet Our Champions

Check out some of our most active Advocates and see who is leading the way in their industries.