Automate Security Workflows
Across Disparate Products

Share device context between the Forescout Platform and other IT and security products, automate policy enforcement across disparate tools and accelerate system-wide response to mitigate risks.


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Forescout eyeExtend helps you improve your security posture, enforce compliance and increase SecOps efficiency by automating security processes and response across 3rd party products you’ve already deployed.

Share Contextual Insights

Share in-depth device, user and network context for all assets – managed and unmanaged.

Automate Workflows

Automate cross-product processes and bridge gaps between tools with pre-built integrations and crowdsourced apps.

Accelerate Response

Automate policy enforcement and system-wide response actions to contain threats and mitigate risks.

How It Works

eyeExtend provides a wide range of integration options to extend the value of the Forescout Platform:

Forescout-built and supported eyeExtend ecosystem modules covering advanced use cases are updated and refined on a regular basis

Community-built and shared eyeExtend Connect apps are fully customizable and portable across environments

Standards-based open APIs enable customers, system integrators and technology vendors to easily integrate with custom applications and tools

Partner-built and supported integrations cover additional use cases that leverage Forescout’s enterprise-wide device intelligence and control

Forescout Technology Partner Integrations

Advanced Threat Detection (ATD)

eyeExtend integrations with ATD products allow you to automatically detect Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) on your network and quarantine infected devices, thereby limiting malware propagation and breaking the cyber kill chain.

Client Management Tools (CMT)

eyeExtend integrations with CMT products enable you to verify device compliance with security and regulatory mandates and take remediation actions across your network-connected devices – including corporate devices while they’re off the enterprise network.

Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response (EPP/EDR)

eyeExtend integrations with EPP/EDR products allow you to verify device compliance for functional endpoint protection and antivirus, up-to-date signatures, encryption and other endpoint policies and facilitate remediation actions for noncompliant or compromised devices.

IT Services Management (ITSM)

eyeExtend integrations with ITSM products help maintain a complete and accurate asset repository/CMDB at all times, automate IT service and security incident creation and prioritization with complete device and network context and facilitate policy-driven remediation actions for noncompliant or compromised devices.

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

eyeExtend integrations with NGFW products enable you to implement dynamic network segmentation, automate controls for secure access to critical resources and create context-aware security policies within your firewalls based on device context from Forescout.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

eyeExtend integrations with PAM products provide you with real-time agentless visibility into undiscovered local privileged accounts and enable automated responses to threats based on holistic visibility into user activity, device security posture, incident severity and overall threat exposure.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

eyeExtend integrations with SIEM products share comprehensive device insight from the Forescout platform, including IoT classification and assessment context, for correlation and incident prioritization. Closed-loop policy management between the Forescout platform and your SIEM improves situational awareness and mitigates risk using advanced analytics.

Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

eyeExtend integrations with VA products share comprehensive vulnerability assessment data between the Forescout platform and leading VA systems, initiate real-time on-connect VA scanning of devices and automate policy-based enforcement actions for vulnerable devices.

eyeExtend Connect Apps

eyeExtend Connect Apps are developed by Forescout’s technology partners and customer community to orchestrate security use cases through new integrations with the Forescout platform. Use the Connect development framework to build apps that easily connect your third-party security tools, custom business applications, and management systems with the Forescout platform.


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