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Oil & Gas

Secure Oil & Gas Critical Infrastructure OT/ICS Assets and Reduce the Risk of Unplanned Downtime

Forescout provides full visibility into OT/ICS networks and detects cyberthreats before they lead to operational or security incidents. The benefits of the platform extend to every organizational level and go beyond traditional cybersecurity point solutions. With Forescout, Oil & Gas operators have a proven, safe and reliable cybersecurity solution to strengthen the defenses of their industrial control systems and operational technology network.

Oil & Gas Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Capabilities for Oil & Gas

The Forescout Platform provides full visibility into OT/ICS networks, detecting cyberthreats before they lead to operational or security incidents. The platform extends to every organizational level, going beyond traditional point solutions to give operators a proven, reliable cybersecurity solution to strengthen their industrial control system and operational technology network defenses.

Visualize thousands of devices on a single screen

Visibility into process data and identification of previously unknown assets

Detect threats and manage risks intelligently

Quick identification of cyber risks, including the presence of vulnerabilities on specific devices and operational risks

Real-time compliance and behavior analysis

Continuous and automated data gathering, including detailed reports on network traffic anomalies, for real-time policy compliance and anomalous behavior analysis

Streamline NIST, IEC 64223 and TSA Pipeline Security compliance

Enables effective standards and regulatory compliance spanning the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, IEC 64223, and TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines


Scalable across single-site or multi-site environments

Sample Network Architecture in
an Oil & Gas Environment

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