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Help Ensure Medical Device Security
for Patient Safety and Data Protection.

With so many connected devices and diverse motives driving bad actors, the healthcare industry has become a cyber battleground. Forescout’s unique approach to medical device security delivers unparalleled insights and control for the entire network without disrupting critical business processes. The Forescout Platform combines diverse discovery techniques with cloud-powered intelligence for every medical device connected to your clinical network. The solution then assesses the risk of each device, factoring in its known exposures, the attack potential and operational criticality.


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Comprehensive Medical Device Security

Continuous, real-time discovery with persistent asset intelligence for connected medical devices, with high-fidelity classification and an integrated FDA recall database.

Asset Management

Medical Device Asset Intelligence

Simplified way to maintain real-time and persistent asset intelligence for every connected medical device, with high-fidelity, cloud-powered classification.

Operational Resiliency & Incident Management

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Clear and concise quantification of cybersecurity risk posture based on exposure from vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, with a unique, multifactor risk score that correlates risk and exposure factors across configuration, function and behavior

Forescout Accelerate Incident Response

Accelerated Incident Response

Searchable history of asset configuration changes over time for faster incident investigation and for discovering coverage gaps in vulnerability management. Leverage historical asset context to aid proactive investigation of risks and reactive response to incidents and events.

“Forescout’s [CyberMDX1] solution automatically identified all connected medical devices on our network including model numbers and MAC addresses, showed us what they are connecting to, and helped us prioritize by providing a risk level for each device.”

— Vince Rosati, Director of Biomedical Engineering

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Why Forescout for Medical Device Security

No one else covers what we can, as wide or deep, for healthcare providers – and no one automates cybersecurity the way we can, for your entire network.

Proven success for securing medical environments

More than 20 years’ experience and data insights from thousands of customers, including more than 300 healthcare providers, analyzed by a team of global experts focused on threat and vulnerability research.

Dynamic Medical Network Segmentation

Forescout‘s network security solution provides granular medical device insights to automatically classify and group medical assets into a logical taxonomy. The visualization of their communication patterns can then be used to design and dynamically enforce segmentation policies.

Risk and Exposure Management

Enhance your medical networks security posture with risk-based prioritization to empower biomed teams to track medical device state and exposure posture. Reduce risk of incidents with insights into FDA class and recall status to help ensure security without impacting patient care.

Threat Detection and Response

Automate the detection, investigation, and response to advanced threats to medical devices across the clinical network. Streamline SOC operations with correlated, enriched, normalized and contextualized data, leveraging a two-stage threat detection engine that uses a blend of five techniques to reduce noise and improve fidelity of threat detection.

Quantify Your Risk


Average number of vulnerabilities on medical devices.2


Estimated dollar cost per hour when a hospital is shut down.3


Average % of major vulnerabilities still unprotected in US Hospitals.3

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REM Device Dashboard

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1 CyberMDX was acquired by Forescout in 2022.
2 Source: Cybersecurity Ventures
3 Source: IPSOS (CyberMDX and Philips)

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