Cyber Asset Inventory


Gain complete asset visibility across your attack surface

Attack surface growth is outpacing your security team’s ability to identify, quantify and prioritize risk and exposure. The first step is maintaining an accurate, real-time asset inventory with in-depth device context for all IP-connected assets in one normalized view.

Eliminate error-prone manual processes with continuous, automated discovery, classification and assessment of every device, managed and unmanaged.

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100% Asset Visibility with Forescout

As a baseline, this energy company only had visibility into its 50,000 agentable assets. Fragmented information from 32 separate security tools identified closer to 200,000 connected devices.

In just one week, without relying on any software agents, Forescout identified more than 235,000 total assets – revealing an 80% security risk gap over agent solutions and creating a single source of truth.

Diagram - device discovery Forescout vs competitors

Asset Inventory and Visibility Challenges


Organizations lacking a complete inventory of IoT/OT devices1


Organizations lacking visibility into vulnerabilities and exposure1


Organizations lacking visibility they want into end-user devices2

IDC Report: Asset Discovery & Visibility

Discover how the latest IDC report delves into the critical first step of achieving consistent security in modern heterogeneous network environments: visibility. Learn about the importance of asset discovery in securing IoT networks and bridging the gap between IT, OT, and IoT for enhanced cybersecurity.

Why Forescout for Cyber Asset Inventory

Complete Visibility


Discover all managed and unmanaged devices upon connect, leveraging techniques tailored specifically IT, IoT, OT and IoMT assets as well as cyber-physical systems.

150+ Classification Attributes

150+ Classification Attributes

Automatically classify assets based on 150+ attributes that are then referenced for asset compliance, network access control, segmentation and incident response.

30+ Assessment Techniques

30+ Assessment Techniques

Continuously assess compliance posture for all asset types using a blend of 30+ active and passive techniques that rely on traffic monitoring, scanning, third-party integrations and traditional agents.

Historical Asset Timeline

Historical Asset Timeline

Query, investigate and analyze connected asset data across a 90-day timeline to prove historical compliance, support incident investigation and identify risks and gaps.

Real-Time Asset Intelligence Access7

Real-Time Asset Intelligence for Better Security and Business Decisions

Many standards, frameworks and regulations require organizations to maintain an accurate asset inventory. To support informed security decisions, you also need rich context about each device. The Forescout Platform collects data on device type, manufacturer, OS configuration, applications installed, patch state, network location, logged-in users, vulnerabilities, criticality and what it’s communicating with.

All of this can be continuously synchronized with your configuration management database (CMDB), such as ServiceNow, to prove a wealth of contextual information as assets join and leave the network and accelerate incident response.

Forescout Device Cloud


Unique device profiles




OS versions

Customer Success with Asset Inventory

“Forescout showed us things that we didn’t know existed – mainly biomedical and environmental devices that were plugged into our network and talking out of the network as well.”

CISO major Florida medical center

“When we start enriching data from other tools with accurate, real-time data from Forescout, our cybersecurity team is able to make data-driven decisions with confidence. It allows me to sleep at night.”

Bilal Khan Chief Technology and Security Officer NJ TRANSIT

“When there is trust, there is speed. The Forescout platform is invaluable because it provides the level of visibility that gives us that trust – trust that we know exactly what devices are on our network, along with the situational awareness both to be proactive and to address issues as they arise.”

Chief Technology Officer U.S. State Government Agency

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1The State of IoT and OT Cybersecurity in the Enterprise, Ponemon Institute, 2021
2Cybersecurity Asset Management Trends 2021, Enterprise Strategy Group

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