Risk and Exposure Management

Forge Your
Cybersecurity Safe Zone

Identify, prioritize, and mitigate cybersecurity risk and exposure to help ensure compliance at every level

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Gartner® 2024 Strategic Roadmap for Managing Threat Exposure

Effectively managing threat exposure requires continuous assessment of vulnerabilities, proactive measures and strategic countermeasures. This guide offers security and risk leaders valuable insights, actionable plans, and best practices for developing strategic plans to tackle security issues.

Identify Exposures

Leave No Asset Unseen
Especially the Unmanaged Ones

Continuously identify exposures across all cyber assets, managed and unmanaged, for real-time visibility of the attack surface.

  • Enhance efficiency with an all-in-one solution for identifying all IT, IoT, OT and XIoT cyber asset exposures
  • Optimize performance and measure progress with comparing historical data against goals

Prioritize Risks

Find the Weakest Links
Before Attackers Do

Strategically assess and prioritize asset risks to make better security and business decisions.

  • Ensure business continuity and resilience by focusing on critical risks affecting key assets
  • Optimize resource allocation by targeting high-priority risk exposures

Mitigate Threats

Stay Ahead, Own Compliance,
and Avoid the Aftermath

Improve your organizational risk posture with actionable mitigation plans to ensure compliance standards are met.

  • Proactively enhance security effectiveness and risk mitigation with actionable recommendations
  • Boost customer trust and gain a competitive edge with proactive threat mitigation

Use Cases

Attack Surface Management

Gain full visibility, identify threats & protect your cyber assets
Continuously identify and mitigate risks across your entire cyber asset attack surface in real-time, including IT, IoT, OT, IoMT, to gain insights into your assets’ usage and its associated risks.

Third Party Risk Management

Don’t let a compromised third party put your business at risk

Proactively identify and prioritize the impact of potential exposures for every connected asset, including your third party and supply chain partners to mitigate the potential threats.


Stay one step ahead & secure your business against ransomware attacks
Prevent ransomware effectively by proactively identifying and assessing potential exposures within your organization and implement targeted measures to eliminate them.


Manage your cyber risk effectively to stay compliant & confident
Comprehensive visibility into  exposure gaps, such as misconfiguration, weak security postures and undesired network connectivity to ensure smoother audits.

REM Device Dashboard

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