Risk and Exposure Management


Identify, quantify and prioritize cybersecurity risk and compliance

For cybersecurity teams overwhelmed by their widening attack surface and struggling to contextualize information from siloed security tools, Forescout Risk and Exposure Management is a comprehensive asset intelligence solution that provides the foundation for understanding the security posture of your attack surface.


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Prove a reduction in risk posture over time

Forescout Risk & Exposure Management provides comprehensive asset intelligence to proactively safeguard the network and continuously track the cybersecurity risk posture of all connected devices. It calculates a multifactor risk score based on configuration, function and behavior to drive effective remediation of exposure gaps through risk-based prioritization.

Where Traditional Methods Fall Short

Security investments focused on worst-case scenarios rather than tackling root causes.

“Rarely are breaches due to sophisticated attacks involving nation-state or complex attack methods. Instead, most involve chains of simple procedures that can be prevented by applying security fundamentals like vulnerability risk management.”1

Attackers continue to target the weakest link, leveraging overlooked and forgotten device types.

“53% [of organizations] report having assets and resources they don’t understand the purpose of… Obsolete technology, unpatched vulnerabilities and other “low-value” IT assets are high-value targets.”1

Vulnerability management strategies only focus on a portion of the attack surface.

Although the vast majority of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) affect traditional IT devices, they often only present a low risk of severity and exploitability, whereas unmanaged devices such as IoT, OT and IoMT have a far higher percentage of Critical and Extremely Exploitable CVE’s, which result in a far great risk posture for an organization.2

Leading the Way with Risk & Exposure Management

Operational Risk & Compliance Analysis

Continuous Cybersecurity Asset Management

Reduce operational overhead for asset management by combining real-time and persistence asset state and compliance data in Forescout’s Cloud data lake.

Yield clear and concise asset intelligence for every connect asset – IT, IoT, IoMT and OT, managed and unmanaged, and track configuration and changes over time.

Operational Resiliency & Incident Management

Comprehensive Risk & Exposure Intelligence

Identify a vast range of exposure attributes and quantify their impact with a unique multifactor risk score for every asset that correlates information based on configuration, function and behavior.

Track exposed services and correlate them with the Exploit Prediction Scoring System (EPSS) for a holistic view of security gaps across your attack surface.

Anomalous Behavior & Threat Detection

Risk-Based Prioritization & Remediation

Proactively safeguard the network and help prevent future breaches by focusing efforts on assets that present the most critical risk severity and exploitability.

Leverage a modern asset view and advanced filtering capabilities to help locate and track assets that share common exposure attributes, then design and automate remediation workflows that efficiently mitigate their risk.

Forescout Accelerate Incident Response

Accelerated Incident Investigation & Response

Leverage historical asset context to aid analysts’ proactive investigation of risks and reactive response to incidents and events.

Correlate risk and exposure attributes with asset compliance and configuration state to limit the blast radius and reduce time spent on root cause analysis and mean time to resolution (MTTR).

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