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Discover, assess and enforce the compliance of all connected assets to ensure network security.

Today’s enterprise networks combine traditional IT devices with smart IoT sensors and OT assets that interact with the physical world to generate business value. This growth in connected assets increases the attack surface and creates new network blind spots where cyber risk goes unchecked.

It’s time to rethink your approach to network security. Learn more in our Five Steps to Combating Emerging Threats with Network Security ebook.


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Where Traditional Methods Fall Short


Of organizations don’t have a complete inventory of their IoT/OT devices.1


Of organizations report widening visibility gaps in end-user and IoT assets.2


Of organizations had IoT/OT devices targeted directly or as part of a larger attack.1

It’s not uncommon for organizations to have multiple asset inventories in their ecosystem of IT and security tools. But even when combined through lengthy manual effort, they rarely cover the entire attack surface due to their overlapping coverage of managed assets.

Many organizations rely on traditional software agents to monitor and protect the endpoints on their networks. But smart IoT sensors and industrial process controllers can’t support agents, creating blind spots that are targeted by attackers.

Waiting on scheduled scans to sweep the network for rouge or at-risk devices allows attackers to infiltrate without being noticed. Some forms of active scanning can even disrupt OT assets that monitor or control critical business processes causing financial, reputational, and even physical harm.

5 Steps to Combating Emerging Threats with Network Security

Join Forescout’s Solutions Marketing Manager, Joe Thibault, in a webinar tackling evolving cyber threats. Thibault covers key strategies, including enhancing asset discovery, post-connect access control, battling ransomware, overcoming team burnout, and implementing automated controls.

What Does Modern
Network Security Look Like?

Compound conditions and actions

Continuous Compliance Assessment

Assess the security posture and compliance of every managed and unmanaged asset in real-time without installing software agents, and even fix missing, broken, or out-of-date security agents among your existing ecosystem of tools.

Real-Time & Continuous

Modern Network Access Control

Continuously monitor all connected assets across heterogenous networks for noncompliance or unusual behavior and govern access to the enterprise-wide network infrastructure, through flexible and dynamic network access policies.

Vendor & Device Agnostic

Dynamic Segmentation Management

Visualize traffic flows between groups of assets and design dynamic segmentation policies that enforce least privilege access to shrink the attack surface without impacting your operations.

manually initiated control actions

Automate Cybersecurity Workflows

Share asset identity, configuration and security details with your existing ecosystem of security and management systems to automate workflows across disparate tools, accelerating system-wide response to risks and threats.

Customer Success with Forescout Network Access Control

The Foundation for a Zero Trust Architecture

A zero trust architecture (ZTA) is a security design approach, not a single-vendor solution. Forescout can help you adopt a NIST SP 800-207-based ZTA within your existing multi-vendor environment, from identifying, monitoring and controlling connected assets to orchestrating enforcement and remediation. Start your zero trust journey without needing to rip and replace your existing infrastructure or security controls.

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1 The State of IoT/OT Cybersecurity in the Enterprise – Ponemon Institute
2 Cybersecurity Asset Management Trends 2021 – Enterprise Strategy Group

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