2023 Threat Roundup Report: Trends in Cyberattacks, Exploits, and Malware

Join Forescout’s Research team for an in-depth exploration of the cybersecurity landscape of 2023, featuring exclusive predictions for the future.

Leveraging insights from our 2023 global threat roundup report, we’ll analyze the challenges faced by organizations amidst persistent cyber-threats. From navigating conflicts to exploiting vulnerabilities and countering cybercrime, we’ll dissect pivotal events that are sure to define the year ahead.


Featured Speakers:

Elisa Costante
VP, Research

Rik Ferguson
VP, Security Intelligence

Our discussion offers strategic guidance and insights gleaned from extensive data on attacks and evolving threats:
  • Emphasizing the crucial need to secure Operational Technology (OT) devices and monitor protocols frequently exploited by threat actors.
  • Unveiling insights into attack origins and types, particularly OT protocols under assault.
  • Examining post-exploitation actions, prevalent malware strains, command and control (C2) servers, and the global distribution of threat actors.
  • Distinguishing between opportunistic and targeted attacks, underscoring the importance of continuous vulnerability identification and network segmentation.
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