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Security Automation

Automate Policy Enforcement and Accelerate Response across Products

Today’s enterprises typically have dozens of IT and security products operating independently without sufficient device context or the ability to take action to respond to security risks and threats. This creates alert fatigue in SecOps teams, gives attackers more time to exploit vulnerabilities and increases the blast radius of threats. Forescout shares real-time device context, automates policy enforcement and executes response actions across your ecosystem of IT and security tools.



Share real-time device context between the Forescout platform and more than 70 third-party IT and security products, automate policy enforcement and workflows across disparate tools, and accelerate system-wide response to mitigate risks.

Share real-time contextual insight

Dynamically share endpoint device identity, configuration and security details with other security and management systems you own and use. This bidirectional data exchange adds to the overall properties that can be applied to the rules engines of other tools, enhancing policies and actions.

Automate workflows

Forescout allows systems to share policy-based decisions that previously required manual analysis and application across systems. Automating these workflows and processes results in coordinated, instantaneous response.

Automate response actions

Many security products such as advanced threat detection and response systems (EDR), security information and event management (SIEM) and vulnerability assessment tools can inform IT staff about security issues. Forescout instantly applies this security insight to trigger an automated response and enforce its broad range of policy-based controls, such as isolating the device and remediating the endpoint to eliminate threats

Forescout Provides a Wide Range of Integration Options

eyeExtend modules

Forescout-built and supported eyeExtend modules covering advanced use cases updated and refined on a regular basis


eyeExtend Connect apps

Community-built and shared eyeExtend Connect apps that are fully customizable and portable across environments


Technology partners

Partner-built and supported integrations


Customer Confidence

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