Security Automation


Beat the cyber skills shortage by automating discovery, assessment, compliance, enforcement, detection, orchestration and response

The cybersecurity skills gap, exploding number and type of connected assets and evolving threat landscape are compelling SOC teams to embrace security automation so they can focus on what can’t be automated. Fortunately, many of the routine tasks traditionally handled by SOC teams can be translated into automated policies that drive orchestrated actions among security products.


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Manual Vs Automated Process Per Device

Security Automation in Action

In a fraction of the time it takes for several people to manually secure one device, an automated process can continuously:

  • Detect new assets upon connect
  • Auto-classify and assess their posture against security policies
  • Share their context across security tools
  • Orchestrate workflows to apply controls and enforce compliance

Challenges Driving the Need for Security Automation

Internal and external challenges combine to prolong mean time to response.

Expanding Attack Surface

Exponential growth of connected devices, many IoT and OT, creates a visibility gap an inaccurate assessment of risk.


Evolving Threats

Sophisticated extortion gangs and campaigns, often including RaaS, can cripple several organizations at once.

IT/IoT/OT Convergence

Without proper controls, communication links go unchecked, threats move laterally and vulnerabilities hide in plain sight.

Point Security Products

Dozens of siloed IT and security products lack sufficient device context or ability to carry out a coordinated response.

Alert Fatigue

Alert Fatigue/
Unactionable Alerts

SOC teams are flooded with nuisance alerts and false positives. Even systems that detect true threats can’t mitigate them.

No Single Source of Truth

Troubleshooting requires multiple teams to consult multiple consoles and dig into disparate logs to connect the dots.

Why Forescout for Security Automation

The Forescout Platform can continuously share device context, automate workflows to enforce policies and accelerate response actions, leaving SOC teams to focus on what requires human intervention.

Share Device Context

Share real-time device context with 70+ IT and security products including CMDB, EPP/EDR, VA, SIEM, ATD, NGFW, PAM, CMT and ITSM.

Automate Workflows

Trigger vulnerability scans upon connect; verify agents are installed, up-to-date and functioning properly; detect illegitimate privileged accounts and more.

Accelerate Response Actions

Automatically initiate and coordinate policy-based remediation/mitigation actions based on prioritized risk and respond to true threats using your existing security tools.

Integration Options for Automated Cybersecurity

Browse for the following app and integration types in the Forescout Marketplace.

eyeExtend modules

Forescout-built and supported eyeExtend modules covering advanced use cases updated and refined on a regular basis


eyeExtend Connect apps

Community-built and shared eyeExtend Connect apps that are fully customizable and portable across environments


Technology partners

Partner-built and supported integrations


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