Forescout and ServiceNow

Integrated solutions that increase
operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Continuously maintain accurate asset intelligence for all connected devices with real-time information sharing
  • Increase compliance by dynamically enforcing device configuration and security policies
  • Reduce risk by automating IT and security incident detection, record creation and policy-driven response actions to mitigate and remediate, all while synchronizing data with asset / Configuration Item (CI) records in real-time

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    The Forescout and ServiceNow Advantage

    Organizations are overloaded with constantly changing connected device landscapes, regulatory compliance requirements and a wide variety of cyber risks that must be addressed with limited resources.

    To help tackle these challenges, Forescout provides the Forescout eyeExtend for ServiceNow® module which enables integration of the Forescout platform with ServiceNow® solutions: the Now Platform® Configuration Management Database (CMDB), IT Service Management (ITSM) and Security Operations.

    Forescout is also a ServiceNow design partner and supports ServiceNow Service Graph for streamlined CMDB data ingestion and consumption for your Enterprise of Things assets.


    Success Stories

    Use Cases

    Maintain Real-time Asset Intelligence & Access Control

    Forescout eyeExtend for ServiceNow module provides integration of the Forescout Platform with the Now Platform CMDB. Integration enables you to maintain a real-time single source of truth for all connected assets including IoT, Operational Technology (OT), cloud and traditional IT. By capitalizing on Forescout and ServiceNow orchestrated information sharing and workflows, you can:

    • Maintain continuous enterprise-wide asset inventory accuracy, insight and compliance
    • Reduce asset inventory management, audit and labor costs
    • Prevent unauthorized and retired devices from accessing your network with or without 802.1x

    Optimize Security Operations

    Forescout eyeExtend for ServiceNow includes integration of the Forescout Platform with ServiceNow Security Operations. Capitalize on Forescout’s continuous security posture assessment of all connected devices to automatically create ServiceNow Security Incident records as soon as threats or policy violations are detected. You can also automate incident response using policy-driven Forescout network and host actions. Achieve the following benefits to optimize your security operations:

    • Reduce risk with automated closed-loop workflows from threat detection and incident creation to remediation
    • Maintain cohesive insight by synchronizing Security Incident information across ServiceNow Security Operations, CMDB and Forescout solutions
    • Prevent regulatory compliance violations and reduce audit costs with cohesive asset and security incident life-cycle insight

    Increase Service Efficiency

    Forescout eyeExtend for ServiceNow also includes integration of the Forescout Platform with with ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM). Leverage Forescout’s continuous device visibility, assessment and classification to automatically enforce configuration policy requirements and create a ServiceNow IT Incident upon policy violations. You can automate remediation with a variety of host and network actions. Boost IT service efficiency with the following benefits:

    • Increase device/asset compliance by automating workflows from policy violation detection, IT Incident record creation to remediation.
    • Maintain consistent intelligence by synchronizing IT Incident information across ServiceNow ITSM, CMDB and Forescout
    • Reduce audit costs with cohesive asset and IT incident life-cycle insight

    How the Integration Works

    Service Now Diagram

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