Zero Trust


Build a rock-solid foundation for zero trust security based on total visibility, least privilege network access and compliance

A zero trust architecture (ZTA) is a security design approach, not a single-vendor solution. Forescout can help you adopt a NIST SP 800-207-based ZTA within your existing multi-vendor environment – from identifying, monitoring and controlling connected assets to orchestrating enforcement and remediation. Save time and money by choosing a solution that doesn’t require you to rip and replace your existing infrastructure.

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Zero Trust Security Success: SCP’s Network Security Transformation

Join the Zero Trust webinar with Jeff Haidet from South Central Power Company (SCP) to explore how SCP is enhancing network security by addressing challenges such as limited device visibility and data accuracy on their journey towards a comprehensive platform for complete visibility and successful Zero Trust policy enforcement.

Zero Trust: The de Facto Security Standard

Today’s edgeless enterprises support mobile and remote workers along with vast numbers and types of unmanaged devices – IT, IoT, OT and IoMT. Zero trust assumes that the system will be breached (or that a breach has already occurred) and designs security accordingly, as if there is no perimeter and implicit trust. A ZTA monitors all network activity, granting least-privilege access to only what is needed while constantly looking out for anomalous or malicious behavior. In other words, “Never trust. Always verify.”

Zero Trust


% security decision-makers who say zero trust is critical to their organization’s success1

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Annual Dollar savings in average breach costs from organizations that have deployed a ZTA2

Remote access deployments that will use ZT network architecture vs. VPNs by 2025


of new remote access deployments that will use ZT network architecture vs. VPNs by 20253

Embracing Zero Trust: The Power of Network Segmentation

In today’s dynamic IT landscape, where cloud services, BYOD, and IoT have become the norm, traditional security methods are no longer effective. To counter this challenge, IT leaders must embrace Zero Trust with Dynamic Network Segmentation—a crucial strategy for establishing a strong and comprehensive security framework.

Customer Success with Zero Trust

How Forescout Enables a Multi-Vendor Zero Trust Architecture

Under a ZTA based on NIST SP 800-207, a central policy decision point (PDP) in the control layer collects all available security intelligence about an asset to determine the right controls to apply, then orchestrates enforcement of those controls across multiple policy enforcement points (PEPs). Forescout facilitates this process in four key ways.

Device Visibility

Device Visibility & Classification

Network-based discovery produces a list of IP addresses – many vendors stop here. The Forescout Platform combines intelligence sources to classify and group raw IP addresses into your business taxonomy.

Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis & Visualization

An intuitive matrix of traffic among all connected assets facilitates segmentation compliance and policy design based on what should and should not be communicating.

Policy Impact Simulation

Policy Impact Simulation

Simulating your ZTA designs using actual traffic flows allows you to validate controls, fine-tune policies and flag violations without causing costly business disruptions.

Central Policy Decision Point

Central Policy Decision Point

The Forescout Platform analyzes 800+ data points from activity logs, threat intelligence, compliance, identity management, SIEMs and more to orchestrate policy enforcement among your PEPs.

Forescout Zero Trust Architecture diagram

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