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eyeControl Enforces and Automates Policy-Based Controls

Take action to mitigate threats, incidents and compliance gaps with confidence.

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Forescout eyeControl provides flexible and frictionless network access control for heterogeneous enterprise networks. It enforces and automates Zero Trust policies for least-privilege access for all managed and unmanaged devices across your digital terrain. You can apply policy-based controls to enforce device compliance, proactively reduce your attack surface and rapidly respond to incidents.

Enforce secure network access

Enforce network access based on user (employee, guest, contractor), device classification and security posture – in any heterogeneous network with or without 802.1X.

Improve device compliance

Automate compliance assessment and initiate remediation workflows for enforcing compliance with internal security policies, external standards and industry regulations.

Accelerate incident response

Quickly and effectively contain threats by automating response to security incidents, thereby minimizing disruption to operations and damage to the business.

How It Works

At the core of eyeControl is an intuitive and flexible policy engine that enables you to automate and apply granular and targeted control actions. This Zero Trust policy engine provides:

Dynamic grouping and scoping of devices by business logic and device context, allowing targeted control actions

Compound conditions and actions using Boolean logic and waterfall policies to implement sophisticated control workflows

Automate security policies by using native controls or initiating bi-directional workflows with third-party security vendors

The ability to start with manually initiated control actions and slowly dial up automation to increase security operations efficiency

Policies are triggered and automatically evaluated in real time by events and changes that occur either on a specific device or on the network.

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