Network Segmentation


Remove complexity from zero trust network segmentation with visualized traffic flows and policy simulation.

Flat, under-segmented networks allow threats to propagate and expand the blast radius, increasing risk and exposure. The Forescout Platform accelerates the design, planning and deployment of dynamic network segmentation. Visualize traffic flows to see what should and shouldn’t be communicating and simulate policy changes to avoid gaps and misconfigurations – without causing business disruption.


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Why Forescout for Dynamic Network Segmentation

Forescout Network Segmentation UI

Visual Traffic Matrix

Facilitate policy design by visualizing traffic flows based on a logical taxonomy of users, applications, services, functions, locations, devices and risk level.


Minimize business disruption by simulating policy changes and flagging violations or contradictions that could have unexpected consequences in production environments.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor segmentation compliance to identify anomalous communications, validate that controls are working as designed and quickly respond to policy violations.

A Core Tenet of Zero Trust

As a key enforcement strategy, network segmentation is a core tenet of a zero trust architecture. Most cyber threats can be mitigated with segmentation that restricts traffic flows to only those assets that must communicate with each other and by isolating vulnerable devices until they can be remediated.

The Forescout Platform provides a visual baseline of how all connected assets are interacting so you can easily determine how they should be communicating, over what ports and protocols, based on “least-privilege access” – that is, access only to what users or services need to do their jobs.

A Must for Converged IT/IoT/OT Networks

Digital transformation has resulted in converged IT, IoT and OT networks everywhere. Instead of patching, OT and IoT devices must often be segmented from other parts of the network and monitored to detect anomalies. Otherwise, communication links may go unchecked and vulnerabilities hide in plain sight.

Knowing what’s on the network requires seeing all connected assets on every network and knowing how they’re communicating.

Customer Success with Network Segmentation Management

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