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Cut through the noise with better detection and response to true threats

Thwarting sophisticated cyberattacks requires equally sophisticated threat detection, investigation and response capabilities. Your best defense? A Threat Detection & Response solution that enriches and analyzes IT, IoT and OT telemetry from across your entire enterprise, leverages artificial intelligence and other data science techniques to correlate signals and more accurately reveal true threats, and empowers you to respond quickly and appropriately.

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The Current State of Threat Detection


alerts per hour1


of alerts are simply never addressed1


of alerts are false positives2


of enterprises spend ≥ time on false positives than legitimate attacks3

Threat Detection & Response Is Now Critical

Consequences of an attack/breach are growing
Consequences of an attack/breach are growing

Avg. cost of a breach in the U.S. is $9M (+4% vs 2021)4

Forescout Accelerate Incident Response
Number, frequency and types of attacks are increasing

42% more cyberattacks in H1-2022 than 20215

Forescout Customer implementations
Cybersecurity is now a C-suite/ board-level priority

88% of board members view cybersecurity as a business risk (+58% vs/ 2016)6

Legacy SIEMs Aren’t up to the Challenge

The initial driver behind SIEM products in 2005 was log storage for compliance reporting. Despite advances, legacy SIEMs still cost too much, are hard to configure and produce too many alerts, making threat detection difficult and time consuming. What’s more, the average SIEM fails to detect as much as 76%7 of attacker TTPs. Security teams are looking for a better approach that meets modern threat detection requirements.

Storage and Maintenance Costs

Storage and Maintenance Costs

In addition to excessive and variable log storage costs, SIEMs require ongoing maintenance and management to remain effective.

Alert Fatigue

Alert Fatigue

The average SOC team receives 11,000 alerts a day, or 450 alerts an hour,1 without the context needed to know severity and prioritize true threats.

Complex Configuration

Complex Configuration

Many SIEMs start out as black boxes with a few starter rules and no data sources. Rule tuning and onboarding data feeds for threat detection is costly and laborious.

Forescout XDR

Why Forescout

Forescout Threat Detection & Response collects telemetry and logs from a wide range of sources, including security tools, applications, infrastructure, cloud and other enrichment sources; correlates attack signals to generate high-fidelity threats for analyst investigation; and enables automated response actions across the enterprise.

The Forescout Advantage

Icon: keyboard and mouse connected to a cloud.Vendor and EDR Agnostic Data Ingestion

  • Supports the products and vendors you’ve already invested in
  • Can ingest data from any managed and unmanaged device (IT, OT/ICS, IoT, IoMT)
  • Ensures more comprehensive, powerful, flexible, and effective threat detection

Icon: laptop computer with gears on the screen.450x Better Detections

  •  Advanced data pipeline enforces a common information model (CIM) to normalize ingested data and auto enrich with user info, IP attribution, geolocation, critical asset information
  • 2-stage threat detection engine uses a blend of 5 techniques to reduce noise & improve fidelity

Icon: circle with three arrows pointing to three circles.Full Spectrum Response

  • Powerful investigation tools
  • Native integrations with case management solutions
  • Automate responses via Forescout solutions to touch all managed & un-managed devices

Icon: padlock on a shield.Up Front Risk Reduction

  • Integration with other Forescout solutions reduces the attack surface, and the risk of a compromised or non-compliant device connecting to your network in the first place
  • Continuously monitors all connected assets with dynamic access policies

Icon: hand holding a bar graph.Simple, Predictable, and Accessible Pricing

  • No penalties for sending more logs to Forescout Threat Detection & Response, to support better detection
  • License fee is based on the total number of endpoints (IP/MAC address) in your organization
  • Pricing includes 7+ day log storage, and longer-term storage options are available
Aimbridge Hospitality Quote

Customer Confidence

“Forescout Threat Detection & Response delivered as a managed service, is a strategic part of our layered defense strategy. It combines essential storage of raw telemetry, in support of compliance mandates, with advanced threat detection and response capabilities to further reduce risk and help us meet cyber insurance requirements. Its ability to automatically and reliably identify true threats from a broad range of data sources across our highly distributed and global IT environment, and to present these with detailed contextual information that streamlines the investigation and response process, is both impressive, and essential in today’s threat environment.”

— Andrew Arthurs, CIO, Aimbridge Hospitality

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