Predicting Tomorrow’s Threats: Unveiling 5 Cyber Attacks on the Horizon


Despite an array of sophisticated security tools, ransomware and related threats persist in dominating the cybersecurity realm this year. For those grappling with fragmented security solutions and outdated practices, a growing attack surface poses a looming danger – creating vulnerabilities attackers are eager to exploit, disrupting operations, and causing financial havoc.

Featured Speaker:

Rik Ferguson
VP, Security Intelligence

Unlock Key Insights

Join this exclusive webinar led by Forescout’s VP of Security Intelligence, Rik Ferguson. Dive into:

  • Foreseeing the Impact: How 2022’s Developments Shape the 2023 Threat Landscape
  • Analyzing Trending Threats: Understanding Targeted Attacks on Organizations
  • Proven Practices: Shielding Against Ransomware, Identity-based Attacks, and Extortion
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