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Increase Efficiency and Automation while Securely Embracing Industry 4.0

Manufacturing organizations continue to increase productivity and reduce costs through process automation on plant floors. At the same time, this integration of IT, IoT and oT devices has created more interconnected and complex networks, operating with increased cyber risk. Forescout enables manufacturers to overcome challenges with real-time visibility, proactively assessing and managing cyber risk, and identifying networking and operational issues.

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The Forescout platform gives manufacturers complete visibility into IT, IoT and OT networks from a single screen, with comprehensive classification based on device function, operating system, vendor and model. With Forescout, manufacturers can continuously identify, segment and enforce compliance of every connected device on their networks.

Real-time asset visibility

Establish real-time asset visibility and comprehensive risk management across IoT, IT and OT networks.

Real-time compliance and behavior analysis

Continuously monitor the network for policy compliance and anomolous behavior.

Zero Trust Network Segmentation

Segment devices into trusted zones by enforcing least-privilege access by Zero Trust policy.

Comply with NIST Cybersecurity Framework and IEC 64223

Enable compliance with standards such as IEC 64223 and NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Automate enforcement of Zero Trust Policies

Automate unified Zero Trust policy orchestration across multi-vendor environments and multiple network domains.

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