Cybersecurity for Manufacturing

Increase Cybersecurity Automation to Embrace Manufacturing Digitalization

Manufacturing organizations continue to digitalize their production processes and interconnect new process control systems to increase productivity and flexibility while reducing costs. The convergence of OT, IT and IoT systems has created interdependent, complex networks, operating with increased cyber risk. Forescout enables manufacturers to overcome these challenges and build resilience by providing real-time visibility, proactively assessing and remediating cyber risk, and identifying threats to operational continuity before they lead to downtime. Manage your security and operational risk with ICS-specific threat intelligence and lay the foundation for a zero trust architecture with powerful automation delivered by the Forescout Platform.

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Industrial Cybersecurity Capabilities

Forescout has “the broadest ICS protocol support of the vendors evaluated” according to the Forrester Wave™: Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Solutions, Q4 2021. This extensive protocol knowledge, coupled with ICS-specific threat intelligence and 12+ years of experience deploying our OT solutions to various manufacturing verticals, enables industrial organizations around the globe to secure their digital transformation and lay the foundation for a zero trust architecture across their entire digital terrain, including critical OT and IoT devices and networks.

Automatically and continuously maintain your asset inventory in real time

Visualize and continuously assess all connected assets, their configurations, communication and process behavior, and vulnerabilities. Use hybrid detection methods including passive, active and network location to quickly get a complete inventory of all IT, OT and IoT connected assets.

Reduce downtime with proactive maintenance and faster MTTR

Continuously monitor the network for policy compliance and anomalous behavior.

Monitor and manage your security perimeter

Monitor third-party technicians and remote employees as they enter networks and perform maintenance operations. Go a step further and automatically verify their security posture before granting access to critical assets. Use actionable insights to visualize communications and automatically optimize segmentation so vulnerable devices continue operating securely as interconnectivity increases or changes.

Align with security frameworks and best practices

Effortlessly implement security frameworks such as IEC 62443 and NIST CSF, to securely embark on your digitalization journey and standardize security operations across the shop floor. Leverage MITRE ATT&CK for ICS classification to enable efficient incident response.

Scale across your entire digital terrain

Maximize the value of current investments through flexible deployment options and seamless integration with existing network infrastructure, SIEM/SOC, asset management and other security tools.

Sample Network Architecture in a Manufacturing Environment

This diagram shows a typical deployment architecture of the Forescout solution for industrial plants and manufacturing deployments. Various sensor deployment options are available, ranging from high-performance appliances for centralized deployments to ruggedized and lighter low-cost models as well as deployment on existing network infrastructure equipment for use in decentralized or segmented networks with limited throughput. Further integrations with the security ecosystem to exchange insights, automate workflows and initiate response to emerging cyber threats are available.

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