Maximize Your Cyber Resilience with Forescout & Microsoft

In the face of escalating threats, organizations grapple with an ever-growing challenge. The relentless wave of attacks keeps IT teams on the defensive, tirelessly safeguarding employees, critical assets, and business applications.

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Discover how the collaboration between Microsoft and Forescout is reshaping cybersecurity for modern networks in this webinar. Learn about securing devices across IT, IoT, and OT, applying zero trust principles, and implementing asset intelligence for automated security control while optimizing security spend.

Supercharge Your Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Forescout’s expertise in Network Security and IoT, combined with Microsoft’s comprehensive endpoint management and security solutions, offers organizations a powerful defense against modern threats.

Zero Downtime Cybersecurity

Zero Trust Principles

Our hyper-integrated solution combines endpoint, user, and network access context and control enables organizations to protect their networks using Zero Trust Principles – from compliance to connectivity, to continuous monitoring and enforcement.

Threat Detection and Response

Automated Threat Response

Leverage real-time insights from endpoints and network behavior through a single pane of glass. This empowers organizations to reduce threat impact from months to minutes, with a rapid and effective response.

Unified Asset Security

Achieve unified, automated, and real-time compliance, governance, and control across IT, IoT, and xIoT in any type of environment.


Always-on Intelligence

Stay ahead of modern threat actors, exposure, risk, and their impact on your organization. Benefit from real-time assessments of every connected device, application, and user.

Forescout & Microsoft Integrations

The Forescout Platform facilitates context sharing and dynamic workflow orchestration. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s extensive technology stack and ecosystem, providing a unified, holistic approach to tackling key cybersecurity challenges.

Network Security

Integrating Forescout’s industry leading Network Security platform with a broad range of Microsoft solutions including Entra ID, Azure, InTune/SCCM, & Sentinel enables organizations to deliver real-time visibility, threat management, and incident response across the extended enterprise.

Threat Detection & Response

Integrating Forescout’s industry leading Threat Detection & Response platform with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint enables organizations to automate rapid response to incidents and threats.

xIoT Security

The integration of the Forescout platform with Microsoft Defender for IoT ensures end-to-end visibility of assets and vulnerabilities across your extended enterprise. Integration with Sentinel allows Forescout to visualize real-time vulnerabilities and threats from IoT devices on a single pane of glass.

Risk & Exposure

Forescout has been selected as one of the first partners to integrate vulnerability & risk data of IoT devices into Microsoft AI-powered Security Co-Pilot which automatically ingests compliance and risk data from Forescout Risk and Exposure into Microsoft’s security products, enabling organizations to enhance their security posture with existing investments.

Forescout & Microsoft Partner To Solve Intelligent Security Analytics

Forescout has joined the Microsoft MISA security alliance and has released integration with Sentinel to service as a unified security single pane of glass.

eyeExtend for Microsoft Sentinel®

Improve situational awareness, prioritize incidents and automate threat response

By combining the Forescout Platform’s complete device visibility and insight with Sentinel’s data mining expertise, Forescout eyeExtend for Microsoft Sentinel allows security managers to achieve a broader understanding of their security posture, visualize key control metrics and respond more quickly to mitigate a range of security incidents. Organizations benefit by optimizing time to insight, achieving quicker incident response and strengthening network security.

eyeExtend for Microsoft Intune®

Gain complete visibility across on and off-premises corporate or personal mobile devices

Discover and validate compliance of endpoints through Microsoft Intune integration. See managed devices as they come on to the network, validate compliance of each endpoint, and remediate issues through API integration.

eyeExtend for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint & Vulnerability Management®

Strengthen threat hunting and response across network landscape

A comprehensive approach to security that spans complete device visibility, supplementing the Microsoft view with additional insights on all unmanaged devices throughout the environment.

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