SIEM Modernization

Say goodbye to legacy SIEM costs and frustrations with a cloud-native, next-gen SIEM/Threat Detection & Response

Legacy SIEM (security information and event management) technology is outdated. While adequate for log management and compliance requirements, traditional SIEMs were never designed to keep up with the overwhelming volume of data in present-day security operations centers (SOCs). As a result, they kick out way too much noise. Tired of chasing down false positives, analysts end up ignoring or turning off alerts, at the risk of a data breach or cyberattack that should have been prevented.

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Top 3 Frustrations with Legacy SIEMs

The initial driver behind SIEM products in 2005 was log storage for compliance reporting. Despite advances, legacy SIEMs still cost too much, are hard to configure and produce too many alerts, making threat detection difficult and time consuming. What’s more, the average SIEM fails to detect as much as 76% of attacker TTPs1. Security teams are looking for a better approach that meets modern threat detection requirements.

Storage and Maintenance Costs

Storage and
Maintenance Costs

In addition to excessive and variable log storage costs, SIEMs require ongoing maintenance and management to remain effective.

Alert Fatigue


The average SOC team receives 11,000 alerts a day, or 450 alerts an hour,1 without the context needed to know severity and prioritize true threats.

Complex Configuration


Many SIEMS start out as black boxes with a few starter rules and no data sources. Rule tuning and onboarding data feeds for threat detection is costly and laborious.

SIEM vs. Next-Gen SIEM Comparison*

At first glance, a Threat Detection & Response tool may look like a SIEM. Both take in telemetry from across an organization’s security stack to better detect threats. What they do with that data varies widely.

SIEM Next-Gen SIEM/Threat Detection & Response
Primary Use Case Collect and analyze log data from various security systems and devices for correlation. Combine endpoint, network and cloud data to detect, investigate and respond to threats.
Data Sources Primarily focuses on log data from security devices, applications, and infrastructure. Collects data from endpoints, networks, cloud environments and other security solutions, along with infrastructure and applications.
Threat Detection Often lack context needed to detect patterns and understand threat severity, impeding security team’s ability to prioritize investigation and response. A blend of threat detection techniques, including signatures, threat intel, behavioral analysis and machine learning/AI-powered analytics for superior incident correlation and advanced threat detection.
Incident Investigation Security teams manually investigate incidents by correlating events from multiple sources. Provides a unified analyst-centric platform, with rich contextual data and investigative and analytical tools, to investigate incidents, correlate data and respond to threats.
Incident Response Limited automation capabilities; relies on manual response actions or third-party integrations. Automated response actions, such as isolating compromised devices, based on detected threats.
Scalability May struggle with high volume and variety of log data, leading to excessive noise and false positives. Designed to handle massive volumes of data in a hyper-scalable, cloud-based data lake, with nothing to deploy.
Visibility Limited to the logs and data collected from SIEM-connected sources, resulting in blind spots that limit ability to detect threats. Comprehensive visibility into endpoints, including IT, OT, IoT and IoMT, along with networks and cloud environments.
Ecosystem Integration Typically integrates with a wide range of security tools to collect and correlate log data. Integrates with other security solutions for improved threat detection, response and visibility.

Every next-gen SIEM is different. Forescout Threat Detection & Response combines vendor- and EDR-agnostic support for 180+ data sources with predictable, endpoint-based pricing; automated data normalization and enrichment; 1,500+ verified rules and models; and a two-stage threat detection engine to weed out false positives and identify true threats.

A Phased Approach to SIEM Modernization

Not ready to replace your SIEM, which is also used outside the SOC for log storage and other operational requirements? Consider a phased transition.

With Forescout Threat Detection & Response, you can reduce the quantity of logs sent to your legacy SIEM, which reduces storage costs. The Forescout TDR license fee is based on the total number of endpoints in your organization. There are no penalties for sending more logs in support of better threat detection.

Phase 1: Leverage

Continue to leverage your existing SIEM, while leveraging additional data sources via Forescout Threat Detection & Response that are not currently used or supported by your SIEM, for better detection and faster response of true threats.

SIEM Modernization Diagram 1 - Leverage

SIEM-Related Savings – $

  • People costs related to rules management, supporting new data sources

Phase 2: Migrate

The vast majority of relevant data sources are now directly ingested into Forescout Threat Detection & Response, with use cases and rules that were used in the SIEM now recreated and fully available and operational via Forescout TDR.

SIEM Modernization Diagram 2 - Migrate

SIEM-Related Savings – $$

  • Log storage costs (high volume data sources can be prioritized to maximize savings
  • People costs related to rules management, supporting new data sources

Phase 3: Liberate

Existing SIEM can be fully sunset for security use cases once all final custom reports and dashboards are available in Forescout Threat Detection & Response.

SIEM Modernization Diagram 3 - Liberate

SIEM-Related Savings – $$$

  • SIEM license and support costs
  • Log storage costs
  • People costs

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1 Dark Reading, Most Enterprise SIEMs Blind to MITRE ATT&CK Tactics, June 27, 2023

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