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eyeInspect Delivers Scalable OT/ICS Asset Visibility and Threat Detection

Gain complete device visibility through deep packet inspection of all industrial network protocols and baseline assets. Defend your network with thousands of OT-specific threat indicators and powerful anomaly detection. Achieve a full understanding of the cyber resiliency of your OT network with an Asset Risk Framework.

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Forescout Eyeinspect


eyeInspect provides in-depth device visibility for OT networks and enables effective, real-time management of a full range of operational and cyber risks.

In-depth, agentless device visibility & classification

Continuously discover (passively and/or actively), classify and monitor OT network devices for a complete OT asset inventory of connected IP and serial devices.

ICS/OT threat detection and baselining

Establish baseline of admissible network behavior using thousands of ICS/OT-specific indicators & queries.

Optimized risk analysis

Aggregate thousands of alerts and millions of logs according to their risk level and cause.

Automate threat detection, containment and remediation

Automate threat detection, containment and remediation with alert investigation and response tools. Dashboards and widgets enhance user collaboration, and rich alert details expedite efficient incident response.

Real-time compliance and anomalous behavior analysis

Continuous and automated data gathering, including detailed reports on network traffic anomalies, for real-time policy compliance and anomalous behavior analysis.

3rd Party Integrations

Rich integrations with ServiceNow and interfaces natively with SIEM solutions, firewalls, IT asset management, sandboxes and authentication servers.

How It Works

eyeInspect gives you visibility into all devices on your OT network – no more blind spots from newly connected and rogue devices. You get a detailed, accurate, real-time asset inventory of all IP-enabled and serial devices, including HMIs, SCADA, PLCs, controllers, sensors, meters and I/O.

eyeInspect detects and prioritizes known and unknown cyberthreats using ICS/OT-specific threat checks and indicators, as well as spotting any changes to the network.

Knowing what you have and what it’s doing, you can quickly prioritize response to cyber and operational threats for faster and more effective mitigation workflows.

eyeInspect gets the right data to the right people – from OT engineers to IT/SOC analysts – using SIEM solutions or common ticketing systems like ServiceNow.

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