Asset Intelligence, Security and Threat detection for your most Critical Infrastructure

Achieve end-to-end cyber resiliency of your OT/ICS network with a comprehensive asset risk framework and threat detection through deep packet inspection of all industrial network protocols. Defend your most critical infrastructure, with thousands of OT-specific threat indicators and powerful anomaly detection through a platform that enables organizations across the globe to act on identified risks and detect cyber threats before they lead to operational downtime.


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Forescout eyeInspect provides continuous, automated asset management, risk compliance and threat detection, via non-intrusive OT/ICS network monitoring and analysis, to protect the worlds most critical infrastructure.
Asset Management

Comprehensive OT/ICS Asset Management

Build a real-time asset inventory of your critical infrastructure, without disrupting critical business processes and operations, through passive discovery of all OT/ICS assets.

Forescout Accelerate Incident Response

Cybersecurity Risk for OT/ICS

Unique asset risk framework that defines both a Business Risk and Cybersecurity Risk of an asset, from attributes collected via Deep Packet Inspection of 250+ OT/ICS specific Protocols.

Enhanced Business Continuity

Enhanced Business Continuity

Diagnose process behavior and identify network misconfigurations and operational errors before they lead to downtime. Use actionable insights to limit the blast radius of an incident and keep vulnerable OT assets operating securely.

Operational Resiliency & Incident Management

Operational Resiliency & Incident Management

Leverage detailed asset intelligence and process behavior patterns to improve operational efficiency and resilience, while streamlining incident response with integrated Case Management.

Anomalous Behavior & Threat Detection

Anomalous Behavior & Threat Detection

Comprehensive Industrial Threat library, with powerful anomaly detection, powering easy-to-use dashboards and visualizations to enrich operator experience, and expedite incident investigation and response to threats.

Operational Risk & Compliance Analysis

Operational Risk & Compliance Analysis

Simplify compliance efforts for key standards, including NERC CIP, EU NIS Directive, NIST CSF, IEC 62443, and TSA Pipeline Security, with real-time policy compliance and analysis of your critical infrastructure.

How It Works

Understand your
compliance state
with OT/ICS specific
asset intelligence

Remove blind spots and build a comprehensive asset inventory of your critical infrastructure, without disrupting business processes and operations, to better align to regulatory and compliance frameworks.

Visualize and track network configuration and communication flows

Using deep packet inspection of 250+ OT specific protocols to visualize and align all OT/ICS assets to their Purdue Level.

Map the interconnectivity and associations between all functional levels and asset types, to establish a baseline of admissible network behavior and monitor for misconfiguration and anomalies

of security and
operational risk

Using both passive discovery and active queries to identify exposure from misconfiguration and quantify both the Business risk, and Cyber risk of each OT/ICS Asset.

Leverage risk indicators to prioritize remediation efforts through integrated case management.

Detect anomalies and threats before they impact business operations

Forescout eyeInspect provides a comprehensive Industrial Threat Library, with powerful anomaly detection that can discover identifiers of compromise and other malicious activitie.

Defend critical infrastructure with continuous threat detection to accelerate incident response workflows and expedite threat investigation.

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