Minimize Risks through Automated Enterprise Asset Intelligence and Context-Aware Incident Response


Amidst the current era of rapid digital transformation, the challenge lies in maintaining consistent asset accountability and optimizing security workflows amidst the expanding and evolving landscapes of IT, IoT, and OT connected devices. Industries such as healthcare, industrial, utilities, manufacturing, and critical infrastructure constantly grapple with this imperative, aiming to safeguard both business integrity and security operations. Failure to do so could potentially lead to substantial financial losses or more severe risks.

Featured Speakers:

Karl Klaessig
Director, Product Marketing, Security Operations

Shawn Taylor
VP, Threat Detection

This webinar will delve into strategies to achieve the following objectives without disrupting operations or necessitating a complete network redesign:
  • Sustain real-time accuracy of IT, IoT, & OT assets
  • Automate policy enforcement, compliance adherence, and incident response
  • Dynamically manage network access and segmentation
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