Medical Device Security Demo

Unparalleled insights and control for medical device security.

Learn more about how Forescout’s unique approach to Medical Device Security empowers boimed teams to track connected medical devices, identify their exposure, quantify their risk and ensure patient safety and the security of the healthcare network.

Track cyber asset posture and efficiently reduce risk across the entire enterprise by prioritizing remediation of security issues.

REM Demo Screen
Demo Highlights:

  • Cloud platform with modern asset view of connected medical assets
  • Real-time discovery with high-fidelity classification on medical devices with patented Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology
  • Maintain a persistent asset inventory that tracks device-status-over-time, along with FDA Class and Recall status
  • Quantification of risk from configuration, function and behavior
  • Using risk and exposure attributes to design security policies and remediation workflows

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