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Comply-to-Connect in less than 6 minutes

Knowing all of the devices on the DoD’s Information Network, or DODIN, has always been a challenge. And if they don’t know that a device is connected, they can’t defend it or the information on it. Comply-to-Connect, or C2C, is changing all of that.

Increase cyber efficiency across current & emerging operational environments

The Forescout platform can provide visibility, hygiene, mitigation and control across technical, management and operational assets in accordance with the U.S. Government’s 800-53 and NIST SP 800-171 standards. This device visibility and control solution:

  • Maps directly to 10 of 18 primary controls, 38 specific controls and over 150 supporting controls
  • Integrates with leading thirdparty tools to help ensure further compliance that supports additional controls
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How will C2C give you the capabilities you need to meet mission objectives?

How will C2C help you get visibility?

Assured connectivity is critical to ops. Managing risk on your network starts with understanding what and who are connected. C2C gives you that capability.

How will C2C help you with compliance assessments?

Trust but verify. To build trusted networks, you need to know your security tools are working properly and policies are enforced. C2C gives you that capability.

How will C2C help you gain control?

Access control, Zero trust. You continually balance user access to data and services with security measures to protect those functions. C2C gives you that capability.

How will C2C provide automated orchestration of your tools?

Your users rely on connectivity to do their mission. Keeping your security and management tools in synch requires automation. C2C gives you that capability.

Forescout platform integrations that are key to C2C success

Vulnerability Assessment
View now to discover how Forescout and Tenable integrate as part of C2C success.

Open Integration
View now to learn how eyeExtend Connect provides a single source of truth about your enterprise.

SIEM Bi-Directional Context
View now to discover how Forescout and Splunk integrate as part of C2C success.

Experience Forescout 8.2—virtually

Register here for the Forescout Virtual Test Drive, a hands-on, condensed tour of Forescout 8.2 that highlights the latest platform updates

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