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Simplify NERC CIP Compliance with Continuous Network Monitoring

The NERC CIP standards are a set of mandatory requirements for North America’s bulk electric system.

They are designed to secure the assets of these essential services. There are 11 standards in total, covering everything from the protection of critical cyber assets to security management, personnel & training, incident reporting, and recovery planning.

In this free eBook we explore how the continuous network monitoring capabilities of eyeInspect can streamline your compliance with these NERC CIP standards, saving you considerable time and money:

  • CIP-002-5.1a (BES Cyber System Categorization)
  • CIP-003-6 (Security Management Controls)
  • CIP-004-6 (Personnel & Training)
  • CIP-005-5 (Electronic Security Perimeters)
  • CIP-007-6 (Systems Security Management)
  • CIP-008-5 (Incident Reporting and Response Planning)
  • CIP-0010-2 (Configuration Change Management and Vulnerability)
  • CIP-0011-2 (Information Protection)

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booklet simplify nerc cip compliance with continuous network monitoring