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Connected Medical Device Security: A Deep Dive into HDO Networks

2020 Research Report Connected Medical Device Security

Get the latest Vedere Labs Insights on the State of Healthcare Security

Learn Why Healthcare Delivery Organizations are a Top Target for Attackers.

Get the latest Vedere Labs Insights on the State of Healthcare Security.

How much risk are healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) taking on with the rapid increase of interconnected medical- and non-medical devices? How well are HDOs implementing segmentation strategies? What insights can be gleaned from analyzing HDO network traffic?

Here are a few of the report’s key findings:

  • Due to improper segmentation, 90% of segments with a medical device have a non-medical IT device, and 60% have non-medical IoT devices
  • Insecure protocols are in use, leading to the clear-text transmission of patient info
  • Healthcare equipment using default credentials resides alongside other IT and IoT equipment
  • The percentage of critical legacy systems running unsupported Windows versions has not changed since our 2019 healthcare report
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