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Research Report: Putting Healthcare Security Under The Microscope

FS Healthcare Report

Analysis of Device Data Shines a Light on Cybersecurity Risks in Healthcare

This report provides healthcare organizations security and risk management leaders with insight into the types of devices connecting to medical networks, their associated risks and recommendations for a security strategy that goes beyond just securing medical devices.

Source data for this report came from the Forescout Device Cloud, a repository of host and network information for more than 8 million devices. For this study, researchers limited Device Cloud analysis to 75 healthcare deployments with over 1.5 million devices to:

  • Highlight the diversity of connected devices, operating systems and device vendors in today’s complex healthcare environments
  • Identify common vulnerabilities associated with legacy operating systems, lack of segmentation and common services left turned on
  • Demonstrate the need for complete device visibility across the extended enterprise, not just medical devices
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