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Cookie Notice

Effective Date: May 1, 2022

This Forescout Cookie Notice outlines the general policy, practices, and types of cookies that Forescout, Technologies Inc. (“Forescout”) may use to improve your experience when visiting our websites.

Forescout’s websites, like many websites, use cookies or similar technologies to collect usage data and to improve the ways visitors interact with our websites. Cookies perform essential functions, such as ensuring a webpage loads correctly and securely. They also help us provide you with a consistent and efficient experience. For example, Forescout uses cookies to present you information based on your browsing preferences, such as language and geographical region; collect statistics on website and page usage; allow the website to remember your preferences; provide us with business and marketing information; and allow us to operate our site.

Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on browsers, mobile devices or computer hard drives when visiting websites or viewing certain types of HTML-formatted emails. Cookies allow websites to remember information about you, your browsing activities, and your preferences until you either disable the cookie or exit the current browser.

Forescout may use cookies and similar technology to collect personal information, or data that can become personal information when combined with other information, in which case the Forescout Website Privacy Statement will apply in addition to this Cookie Notice.

How to Control Cookies on Forescout Websites

You can control the use of cookies on Forescout’s websites through our Cookie Preference Center, located at the bottom of Forescout’s home page under “Cookie Settings”. In doing so, you can consent to allow all cookies, only specific categories of cookies, or reject the use of cookies except for those deemed strictly necessary for the website to work. If you choose to disable cookies, this may limit your use of certain features or functions on our sites. You can change your cookie preferences at any time by visiting the Cookie Preference Center.

Third Party Cookies

Forescout uses a variety of first party and third-party cookies to provide optimal performance of our websites. First party cookies are those that are set by Forescout. Third-party cookies are those that are set by our service providers to assist us with advertising, website management and marketing efforts. These cookies are set by an entity other than Forescout.

Forescout uses certain third-party services to collect analytic and marketing data.  In order to enable those services, the third-party has access to analytical and performance cookies.  Cookies hosted by third-parties only collect anonymized and aggregated data, until you consent to the collection of your personal data. (This consent occurs through the completion of a form requesting further information about Forescout’s products or services, or registration for our training or certifications.)  Without this consent, no personal information about you is shared with our third-party cookie hosts.

Types of Cookies

The types of cookies Forescout uses are listed below:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies– These cookies help you to move around Forescout websites and features. They are necessary for the website to work correctly. These cookies cannot be turned off.
  • Performance Cookies– These cookies gather data on how visitors use our website, which pages of a website are visited most often, and if they get error messages. These cookies monitor only the performance of the website as the user interacts with it.
  • Functional Cookies– Forescout websites use these cookies to recall the previous selections you made, allow the website to remember your username, region, and language. They allow Forescout to enhance functionality of the website and personalization. These cookies do not track your browsing activity across other websites. These cookies may be set by us or third-party providers whose services we have added to our websites. If you do not allow these cookies, some of the website may not function properly.
  • Targeting Cookies– We use these cookies to gather information about your use of our websites, and the products that you view in order to better understand your interest in our products. These cookies are set by our third-party vendors to assist us in making marketing decisions. They do not store personally identifiable data but are based on your unique browser and internet device.
  • Session Cookies– These cookies allow us to link your actions during a particular browser session. They only remain in use as long as you remain in that browser, as soon as you close that session the cookies are turned off.
  • Persistent Cookies– These cookies allow us to recall your preferences or actions across multiple browsing sessions. These cookies also known as stored or permanent cookies remain on your computer until you delete your cookie cache. These allow Forescout and your web browser to remember your settings and preferences each time you access our websites.

For a complete list of cookies running on Forescout’s websites please click here. The cookie list is available to all visitors to Forescout’s websites. Any website visitor can manage cookies by clicking the cookie banner, and selecting Cookies Settings, and toggling the buttons on or off according to your preference for each cookie type. You can also change your setting at any time by clicking on the Cookies Settings link at the very bottom of the Forescout home page.

Third-Party Websites

We may use third party companies and individuals to provide services for our websites e.g. to manage our advertising on other sites, to perform web analytics, to conduct marketing activity on our behalf, and to improve the websites features. Forescout does not exercise control over third party websites and this Privacy Policy only addresses Forescout’s use and disclosure of Collected Information from our websites.

Do Not Track

Forescout does not respond to do not track signals from your internet browser.

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