Risk and Exposure Management

Risk and Exposure Management

Identify, quantify and prioritize cybersecurity risk and compliance

  • Cyber asset management
  • Visibility & compliance
  • Risk prioritization
Network Security

Network Security

Assess, segment and enforce with proactive and reactive controls

  • Network asset control
  • Risk & threat containment
  • Segmentation management
Threat Detection and Response

Threat Detection & Response

Detect, investigate and respond to true threats and incidents

  • True threat correlation
  • Optimized security operations
  • SecOps visibility

The Forescout Advantage

The only automated cybersecurity company that continuously identifies, protects and ensures the compliance of all managed and unmanaged assets – IT, IoT, IoMT and OT – so you can more effectively manage cyber risk and mitigate threats.

Dynamic grouping and scoping

Vendor & Device Agnostic

Real-Time and Continuous Cybersecurity

Real-Time & Continuous

Managed and Unmanaged Cyber Assets

Managed & Unmanaged Cyber Assets

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Converged Platform

Converged Platform

Proven at Scale

Proven at Scale

Must-Read Research

In this comprehensive report, Forescout Research – Vedere Labs meticulously analyzed data pertaining to attacks, exploits, and malware observed throughout 2023. At a strategic level, we strongly advocate that organizations concentrate on enhancing cybersecurity through three fundamental pillars:
  • Begin by conducting a thorough assessment of every asset connected to the network
  • Avoid exposing unmanaged devices directly to the internet
  • Utilize an IoT/OT-aware, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)-capable monitoring solution to detect and alert on malicious indicators

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