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California Privacy Notice

Effective Date: May 10, 2023

This notice supplements the information contained in the Forescout Privacy Statement and other privacy notices from Forescout Technologies, Inc. and its business affiliates (“Forescout”, “we” or “our”) and applies solely to Personal Information collected from or about California residents (“consumers” or “you”). We adopt this notice to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 and the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (“CCPA”), and any subsequent regulations, legislation or amendments. Any terms defined in the CCPA have the same meaning when used in this notice. This notice does not reflect our collection, use, or disclosure of California residents’ Personal Information where an exception under the CCPA applies, including if the Personal Information is publicly available. You can download a pdf version of this notice using the “print to pdf” link at the bottom of this page.

Our Personal Information Handling Practices

We have collected and disclosed the following categories of Personal Information about California residents in the past 12 months, including in some cases as directed by you:

Personal Identifiers – such as name, address, unique personal identifier, email, phone number, job title, company, gender, your device’s IP address, software, and identification numbers associated with your devices.

This information is provided to us by you, through the forms that you complete when requesting services, access to portals, or other interactions you have with our websites or from our business partners and third parties who you have provided it to.

We collect this information to provide our services to you. This includes providing you with requested services; sending emails, surveys, and marketing newsletters; coordinating events and training; improving our websites; complying with our legal obligations; and running our business.

We may disclose certain types of this information to our affiliated and unaffiliated service providers and business partners for business purposes.

Commercial Information- such as records of products or services purchased, obtained, or considered by you, trainings you have purchased or completed, and courses passed.

We collect this information from you and our business partners and service providers.

We collect this category of information to provide you with requested services; implementation of your purchased products; training and certifications; communication about other opportunities or updates to our products; and to fulfill our obligations both to our customers and the law.

We disclose this category of Personal Information to our business partners, service providers and affiliates who assist us with providing our products and services.

Internet or Other Electronic Information- such as your browsing history, search history, the webpage visited before you came to our website, length of visit and number of page views, IP and MAC Addresses, cookie data, click-stream data, your mobile carrier, date and time stamps associated with transactions, and system configuration information.

We collect this category of information through your use of our websites, emails, or marketing campaigns. This information may also be provided by our service providers or business partners.

We use this information to improve our websites and products; administer our websites; send you marketing and promotional materials; promote our products; and comply with legal obligations.

We may disclose certain types of this information to our affiliated and unaffiliated service providers or third parties for business purposes.

Geolocation Data- regarding your geolocation and locale preferences.

We use this information to provide you with your preferences in language and other features on the site; access to events; and to meet legal and compliance obligations.

We collect this category of information through your use of our website, and information that you provide to us, or as set in your browser or device.

This information is shared with our affiliates, third parties and service providers for business purposes including event registration and marketing.

Professional or Employment-Related Information- including resumes, past work experience, Sensitive Personal Information, and other employment related information.

We collect this category of information when you apply for a position at Forescout.

We collect this information directly from you or via a third-party job posting site through which you submitted your application.

We collect this category of information to determine your suitability for a position at Forescout or one of our affiliates.

We retain applicant information for successful applicants until the end of your employment plus four (4) years or as required by local law, and for all applicants any time periods necessary for compliance with law, exercise or defense of legal rights, and archiving, back-up and deletion processes.

We may disclose certain types of this information to our affiliated and unaffiliated service providers for business purposes and to our subsidiaries to determine your suitability for a position with such affiliates.

Information Sold or Shared by Forescout

When a business sells or shares your Personal Information, you have a right to opt out of such sale or sharing. We do not sell or share, and in the preceding 12 months did not sell or share, California residents’ Personal Information.

We do not have actual knowledge that we collect, sell, or share the Personal Information of minors under 16 years of age.

These disclosures were last updated as of the Effective Date listed above.

You can contact us at [email protected].

Sensitive Personal Information

Forescout does not collect, use or disclose Sensitive Personal Information about you for any purposes not allowed under the CCPA.

Sensitive Personal Information as defined under the CCPA includes your social security number, driver’s license, state identification card, or passport number; your account log-in, financial account, debit card or credit card number in combination with any required security or access code, password, or credential allowing access to an account;  precise geo-location; racial or ethnic origins, religious and philosophical beliefs, or union membership; genetic data; or the contents of your email (unless Forescout is the intended recipient).

Forescout does collect Sensitive Personal Information from job applicants as required to perform background checks and verify right to work status. If Sensitive Personal Information is collected, you will be notified at collection of the specific purpose for which it is collected, and Sensitive Personal Information will only be used for that purpose.

Disclosure for Business Purposes

We disclose Personal Information to third parties, service providers, and business partners for business purposes, including personal identifiers, commercial information, internet and other electronic information, geolocation data, and professional or employment related information. Additional information regarding how we disclose your Personal Information is described in our Privacy Statement under the section “Who Does Forescout Share my Personal Information With?”

Your California Privacy Rights

You have certain rights regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of your Personal Information. This includes the right to:

  • Know what Personal Information is being collected about you, and to request that we disclose the Personal Information we collect, use, disclose, share and sell about you specifically;
  • Correct inaccurate Personal Information;
  • Delete Personal Information;
  • Know what Personal Information is being sold or shared about you;
  • Limit use or disclosure of Sensitive Personal Information;
  • Not be retaliated against for exercising your rights.

If you would like to exercise your rights , please submit your request to our email [email protected], contact us at (888) 521-2882, or click to access our online form.

We will ask that you provide certain information to verify your identity. The information that we ask you to provide to verify your identity will depend on your prior interactions with us and the sensitivity of the Personal Information at issue. We will respond to your request in accordance with the CCPA. If we deny your request, we will explain why. If we cannot delete all of your Personal Information, we will provide the reason as to why certain information must be retained.

You may not be discriminated against because you exercise any of your rights under the CCPA.

Authorized Agent

You can designate an authorized agent to make a request under the CCPA on your behalf if:

  • The authorized agent is a natural person, or a business entity, registered with the Secretary of State of California; and
  • You sign a written declaration that you authorize the authorized agent to act on your behalf.

If you use an authorized agent to submit a request to exercise your right to know or your right to request deletion, please have the authorized agent take the following steps in addition to the steps described above:

  • Mail a certified copy of your written declaration authorizing the authorized agent to act on your behalf to Forescout Technologies, Inc. with attn: Privacy Department, to 2400 Dallas Pkwy. Suite 230, Plano, Texas 75093; and
  • Provide any information we request in our response to your email to verify your identity.

If you provide an authorized agent with power of attorney pursuant to Probate Code sections 4121 to 4130, it may not be necessary to perform these steps and we will respond to any request from such authorized agent in accordance with the CCPA.


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