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Why Be a Forescout Channel Partner in 2019?

Tonya Kaufman, Director, Channel Marketing | April 29, 2019

It’s an exciting time to be a Forescout channel partner. Out of the 5 years I have led Forescout’s channel engagement strategy, I am most excited about 2019. Here are my top 5 reasons why this is a great year for our channel partners:

  1. We’re all in. This starts, with Michael DeCesare, our CEO and President, and extends through the whole company from our executives to sales development reps. Michael’s commitment to becoming “the most channel-friendly cyber company” 1 has driven our channel-first approach since 2015. We are collaborating with our partners to jointly grow business together, and our partners are engaged throughout the sales cycle from opportunity identification to services delivery.
  2. A new category has emerged. We’re constantly keeping a pulse on customer needs and market trends. To do so, we stay closely connected with our customers, prospects, analysts, and partners. Through this connection, a new category has emerged – Device Visibility and Control. This new category speaks to the business value organizations are seeking – gain complete situational awareness of their extended environment and orchestrate action.
  3. The opportunity is huge. Device growth is massive! Gartner predicts by 2023, CIOs will be responsible for 3x more endpoints than in 2018 2 So, what’s the opportunity for our partners? It’s huge – we’re talking a potential TAM of 27 billion dollars 3. This new market includesaccess control in the campus (where we’ve always led), but now it’s even bigger because it includes IoT, OT, campus, data center and cloud.
  4. IT and OT are converging. CIOs and CISOs are no longer responsible for just IT security. Increasingly, these C-levels are owning OT security, as well, with 70% managed directly by the CIO or CISO by 2021, up from 35% today3. To address this convergence, we recently released Forescout 8.1, the first unified device visibility and control platform. This new platform scales to 2M devices in a single deployment across campus, data center, cloud and OT environments.
  5. We’ve made selling easier. Forescout 8.1 is fully modular to address specific use cases starting with our fundamental strength – device visibility. Modularity also offers a pay-as-you grow benefit so customers can add products based on their needs, e.g., automating control, enforcing policies, sharing contextual insights, automating workflows, and more. Plus, we’ve added purchasing flexibility with the introduction of term licensing. Now, our partners can offer perpetual or term licensing based on their customers’ budgeting preferences.

Forescout channel partners, don’t miss the chance grow your business! From our executives through our regional teams, we’re here to help you take advantage of the huge market opportunity and the IT-OT convergence to land and expand into your customer base with Forescout 8.1. To learn more, view our on-demand webinars on our Partner Portal and connect with your Channel Account Manager.

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2 Gartner Identifies Top 10 Strategic IoT Technologies and Trends

3 To calculate our TAM, we first derived the total number of addressable devices within organizations worldwide based on independent third-party data, which includes global corporate-managed devices, BYOD devices, and IoT devices that would be found in an enterprise IT environment. We then excluded addressable devices that we believe are attributable to organizations that are currently outside of our core target market. For the purposes of this calculation, we define our core target market as enterprises with annual revenue greater than $500 million and government agencies. Using third-party data, we estimated the ratio of employees in organizations within our core target market to total employees in organizations worldwide. Next, we multiplied this ratio by the total number of addressable devices in organizations worldwide to estimate the total number of addressable devices in our core target market. Finally, we multiplied the total number of addressable devices in our core target market by a conservative assumed average sales price per device.

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