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Vedere Labs discovered 33 vulnerabilities impacting millions of IoT, OT and IT devices that present an immediate risk for organizations worldwide.


Critical Vulnerabilities


Vendors Affected


IoT, OT & IT Devices

The Global Impact of AMNESIA:33

AMNESIA:33 is a set of 33 vulnerabilities that impact four open source TCP/IP stacks (uIP, FNET, picoTCP and Nut/Net), which collectively serve as the foundational components of millions of connected devices worldwide. These vulnerabilities primarily cause memory corruption, allowing attackers to compromise devices, execute malicious code, perform denial-of-service attacks and steal sensitive information.

Understand & Mitigate Your Risk

While analyzing IoT, OT and IT risks, Forescout researchers discovered serious vulnerabilities in millions of devices that span enterprise environments everywhere. It’s important to act now to identify vulnerable devices and mitigate these risks across your Enterprise of Things. Learn six best practices you can take to protect your organization.

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Learn How Forescout Can Help

Get answers to your most pressing questions about AMNESIA:33. Our FAQ document explains how the Forescout platform actively defends against AMNESIA:33, discusses Security Policy Templates (SPTs) for Per-Appliance Licensing and Flexx customers and eyeInspect scripts for these vulnerabilities, and covers risk mitigation best practices.

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Affected Devices & Security Advisories

Get up-to-date information about impacted vendors and devices from CERT coordination agencies.
Refer to the latest security advisories about AMENSIA:33 vulnerabilities.

ICS-CERT advisory (icsa-20-343-01) | CERT Coordination Center advisory
BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) statement | JPCERT advisory

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