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Assist for OT/ICS

24/7 Remote SOC Assistance for OT/ICS Environments​

Forescout eyeInspect delivers complete OT/ICS device visibility through deep packet inspection of all industrial network protocols and baseline assets, with thousands of OT-specific threat indicators and powerful anomaly detection. Assist for OT/ICS is a subscription service designed for IT security teams that lack the resources to fully leverage the inherent value provided by eyeInspect. ​

You receive round-the-clock assistance from security experts who triage, investigate and help mitigate identified risks and threats. Speak to An Expert

Assist OT / ICS Webinar

Webinar: 24/7 Cybersecurity for OT/ICS

While CIOs and CISOs recognize the importance of in-depth device and network visibility for their OT/ICS environments, getting a comprehensive view of connected devices for real-time identification and management of operational and cyber risks is often still a challenge.

Watch this 30-minute webinar to discover how Forescout Assist for OT/ICS can help your IT/security teams and OT engineers streamline their alert monitoring to focus on high-fidelity threats that may lead to downtime.

Assist OT ICS


With no more wading through alerts and noise, your IT/security teams and OT engineers can focus on important, high-fidelity threats and risks that could impact safety and equipment – and lead to unnecessary downtime. ​You gain improved utilization of OT/ICS devices and can spend less time and effort to provide proof of compliance to auditors. ​​And Assist for OT/ICS provides a cost-effective way to scale your security operations without adding headcount.

24/7 security monitoring

Your Forescout Assist team monitors, documents and triages detected threats; escalates true threats as incident cases; and provides containment and remediation guidance to stop and recover from an attack.​

Risk mitigation services​

Experts analyze and triage asset risks (compliance issues, policy violations, vulnerabilities), prioritize risks based on potential impact and recommend remediation steps.​

Threat hunting​

Human-led threat hunting activities focus on critical assets, prevalent threat actors, threat intelligence and vulnerabilities.​

How It Works

24/7 security experts that triage, investigate and help mitigate risks and threats identified from eyeInspect

From its 24/7 security operations centers (SOCs), security experts – including data scientists and engineers, security analysts and engineers, and threat researchers and hunters – operate as an extension of your IT/security team to remotely monitor the alerts being generated by eyeInspect. The team identifies cyber risks and threats, then triages and investigates them. The issues that truly warrant attention are escalated to you, along with recommended containment and remediation guidance. All activities are supported by SLAs and​ customizable runbooks.​

As part of your subscription, security experts will conduct human-led threat hunting exercises to help further reduce cyber risk. Moreover, the service leverages Forescout Timeline, giving you search and historical analytics of all IP-connected assets in your digital terrain.​

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