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Cybersecurity for Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Today’s smart buildings are more comfortable, energy efficient and secure, but this connectivity also increases cyber risk.

Cybersecurity solutions that offer in-depth visibility and network monitoring for BAS are critical to quickly detect and respond to cyber and operational threats.

Smart buildings and the Internet of Things (IoT) make buildings more comfortable, energy-efficient, and secure, but also increase their exposure, with the number of identified vulnerabilities in BAS increasing over 500% in the past three years 1.


How Forescout Helps

Today, data centers, hospitals, airports and other critical facilities are growing accustomed to the power of networked building automation systems (BAS). These systems connect and control different sub-systems to facilitate management operations.

To reduce both cyber and operational risks, smart building operators should implement solutions that empower them with complete visibility into their BAS networks.

The Forescout platform helps BAS operators to:

  • Establish real-time device visibility and comprehensive risk management across building networks
  • Automatically assess common vulnerabilities & exposures (CVEs) for BAS devices
  • Visualize the network for at-a-glance insight into current BAS network communications
  • Continuously monitor the network using deep packet inspection for standard and proprietary BAS protocols such as BACNet, Fox, and LonTalk

Frost & Sullivan Award for Smart Building Cybersecurity

“Forescout continues to offer a superior customer experience with a relentless focus on innovation and customer satisfaction”
Swetha RK | Industry Analyst | Frost & Sullivan

Customer Case Studies

Rise of the Machines: Transforming Cybersecurity Strategy for the Age of IoT

Using a smart building as their case study, the Forescout OT Research Team investigated how IoT devices can be leveraged as an entry point to a building network, where legacy OT assets, IT systems and IoT devices all intersect.

Tearing Down a Building Network Using IoT Devices

As the scale of IoT devices grows, so does the need to keep them in check. Hear key findings from our research into the IoT, including how the organizational threat landscape is changing, vulnerabilities in these devices that can be exploited, and how to reduce risk.

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