The Power of Collaboration and Context in SOC Management


Struggling to navigate the flood of vulnerabilities, risks, and threats in your cybersecurity landscape? Join this webinar for game-changing insights into uncovering the key to revolutionizing your security strategy: fostering a powerful collaboration between Vulnerability Risk Management (VRM) and Security Operations Center (SOC) teams.

Meet the Experts:

Erik Nost
Senior Analyst

Rik Ferguson
VP, Security Intelligence

Elisa Costante
VP, Research

Daniel Trivellato
VP, OT/IoMT Solutions

Our esteemed lineup includes Senior Forrester Analyst Erik Nost, alongside Forescout’s top executives—Rik Ferguson, VP of Security Intelligence; Elisa Costante, VP of Research; and Daniel Trivellato, VP of OT/IoMT Solutions. Together, they’ll unveil insights derived from Forrester’s six recommendations, empowering you to enhance collaboration between your security teams.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Integrating Vulnerability and Incident Context: Elevate SOC analyst experience by leveraging active attacks, exposed assets, and business asset criticality.
  • Tools for Seamless Collaboration: Discover tools enabling critical context sharing, fostering informed decision-making and information exchange.
  • Harnessing Security Analytics: Explore the benefits of leveraging security analytics platforms and XDR dashboards to manage incidents arising from specific vulnerabilities and streamline prioritization workflows for VRM teams.
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