The Emergence of Exposed ICS: Trends, Threats, and Best Practices

Despite years of efforts to raise awareness, implement regulations, and issue advisories, operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) continue to face significant exposure risks. Since 2017, Forescout Research – Vedere Labs has diligently monitored these risks, uncovering attacks and tracking the evolving landscape.

Join Elisa Costante, VP of Research alongside Rik Ferguson, VP of Security Intelligence as they delve into the changing dynamics of exposed ICS. They will discuss the emerging role of hacktivism, regional variations in exposure rates, the most targeted services, and the inadvertent practices exacerbating vulnerabilities.

Featured Speakers:

Elisa Costante
VP, Research

Rik Ferguson
VP, Security Intelligence

What you’ll discover in this research Q&A session:
  • The persistent challenges in securing OT and ICS environments
  • Regional exposure disparities and evolving trends from 2017 to 2024
  • Critical insights into the most vulnerable ICS services and their implications
  • Common practices contributing to the exposure of ICS
  • Best practices for precise asset management and proactive risk mitigation in ICS
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