R4IoT: When Ransomware Meets Internet of Things


Ransomware looms as the most pressing cybersecurity menace, with financial motives driving over 80% of cyber incidents. Join this webinar to explore Forescout’s groundbreaking report revealing a new breed of ransomware targeting IoT devices like video cameras, posing a critical threat to organizations.

Featured Speakers:

Daniel Dos Santos
Head of Security Research

Shawn Taylor
VP, Threat Detection

Discover Key Insights:
  • Delve into the Menace: Understanding the Dynamics of IoT/OT Combined Ransomware
  • Anticipating Disruption: Unraveling the Impact on Your Organization
  • Actionable Defense: Step-by-Step Mitigation Strategies and Forescout’s Solutions
  • Safeguarding Your Assets: Identifying and Prioritizing Protection for Vulnerable IoT and OT Devices
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