OT:ICEFALL – How to Tackle a Decade of Insecure-by-Design Practices in OT

Forescout’s Vedere Labs revealed “OT:ICEFALL,” exposing 56 vulnerabilities inherent in the functions of devices from ten leading operational technology (OT) manufacturers. These vulnerabilities, rooted in insecure-by-design features, enable potential attackers with network access to execute remote code, manipulate logic or firmware, bypass authentication, compromise credentials, and cause various operational disruptions.

Featured Speaker:

Daniel Dos Santos
Head of Security Research

Key Highlights Await:
  • Understanding the substantial risks posed by the lack of fundamental security controls in OT systems, exploited by previous real-world malware.
  • Analyzing OT:ICEFALL’s implications on OT certification, risk management, supply chains, and offensive capabilities.
  • Discussing recommended strategies and actions for asset owners to mitigate these identified risks.
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