Finding and Mitigating the Risk of Vulnerabilities in BGP Implementations


Join this webinar uncovering the latest vulnerabilities discovered within a widely-used Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) open-source implementation by Forescout Vedere Labs. These vulnerabilities highlight critical gaps in BGP security protocols, potentially leading to widespread disruptions by causing denial-of-service instances among vulnerable network peers.

Featured Speaker:

Daniel Dos Santos
Head of Security Research

What You’ll Discover:
  • Insightful Vulnerability Analysis: Learn about the three newly identified BGP vulnerabilities and their impact on network stability.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies: Understand the potential risks posed by these vulnerabilities and explore effective mitigation techniques to secure your network infrastructure.
  • In-depth Discussion: Daniel dos Santos, Head of Security Research at Vedere Labs, will lead the session, sharing invaluable insights and actionable steps to fortify your defenses against BGP vulnerabilities.
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