Concluding OT:ICEFALL – A Year of Uncovering Insecure Design and Patching


For over two years, Forescout Research – Vedere Labs has been at the forefront, uncovering critical vulnerabilities that cyber attackers exploit to seize control of IT, IoT, and OT devices. From the eye-opening Project Memoria to the stark revelations of OT:ICEFALL, this research has exposed significant flaws in TCP/IP stack implementations and the inherent insecurities within OT equipment.

Following more than a year of dedicated research, we’re concluding OT:ICEFALL.

Featured Speaker:

Daniel Dos Santos
Head of Security Research

Join our webinar to gain exclusive insights into:
  • The Current State of OT Product Security: Understanding the impact on asset owners’ vulnerability management.
  • Challenges Faced by Device Vendors: Delve into the lack of basic security comprehension and flawed OT patching leading to new vulnerabilities.
  • Threat Actors’ Exploitation Tactics: Discover how attackers leverage these vulnerabilities in their malicious assaults.
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