7 Supply Chain Vulnerabilities: Understanding, Mitigating, and Securing Your Access


Join Forescout’s Vedere Labs in a groundbreaking webinar disclosing ‘Access:7’—seven critical supply chain vulnerabilities unearthed in PTC’s Axeda remote code and management platform. Highlighted in the CISA ICS Advisory ICSA-22-067-01, three of these vulnerabilities are rated as critical, posing severe risks including full system access, remote code execution, configuration alteration, and more.

Featured Speaker:

Daniel Dos Santos
Head of Security Research

Key Insights You’ll Gain:
  • Unveiling Vulnerabilities: Understand the susceptibility of supply chain components and discover strategies to heighten your awareness.
  • Impact Across Industries: Explore how ‘Access:7’ affects healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing sectors, assessing its immediate impact and potential risks.
  • Mitigation Strategies: Gain insights into crucial actions for device manufacturers and network administrators to swiftly mitigate these risks.
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