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Rise of the Machines: Transforming Cybersecurity Strategy for the Age of IoT

The Internet of Things IoT revolution is happening all around us, but the definition of what these ‘things’ are can be fuzzy and often incomplete, making it difficult to create effective cybersecurity strategies to protect them.

Using a smart building as their case study, the Vedere Labs team investigated how IoT devices can be leveraged as an entry point to a building’s network, where legacy OT assets, IT systems and IoT devices share the same network.

In this paper, the Vedere Labs team:

  • Defines what the Internet of Things IoT is.
  • Evaluates today’s complex cybersecurity landscape and the impact of
  • Highlights the cyber risks facing these interconnected networks by evaluating their current security posture.
  • Demonstrates an easy-to-implement network monitoring solution that improves network resilience via device visibility and control.

Whitepaper Optimized ICS Visibility for Oil and Gas

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