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SilentDefenseTM IS NOW eyeInspect

You need to reduce operational and security risk. We simplify OT/ICS security, compliance and risk management.


The Leading OT/ICS Cybersecurity Solution Just got Better.

Streamline security analyst tasks, optimize risk management workflows and pinpoint compliance gaps with a new persona-centric user interface. Leverage deeper integration with the Forescout platform to implement non-disruptive segmentation within the OT network stack and in converging IT-OT environments. Reduce your attack surface, limit threat blast radius and mitigate a full range of cyber and operational risks.

Our Latest Innovations Help Protect Operational Technology and Critical Infrastructure

NEW — Analyst-Centric UI and UX

A new purpose-built user interface provides multi-network monitoring and actionable insights with rapid drill-down to the device level.

  • Streamlined dashboards and better risk workflows
  • Attack chain visualization for rapid threat analysis
  • Drag-and-drop language packs for localization

NEW — Asset Baselining

Simplify and automate compliance tasks by establishing asset baselines, identifying deviations and creating admissible audit reports.

  • Establish baselines and constraints for assets or asset groups
  • Monitor and detect deviations across multiple variables
  • Generate admissible reports for NERC CIP and other compliance frameworks

NEW — Advanced Alert Aggregation

Streamline security analysis, improve SOC efficiency and respond faster to evolving cyberthreats with multi-dimensional alert aggregation.

  • Quickly reference and navigate all alert feeds
  • Aggregate alerts and pivot by various alert properties
  • Identify trends, assess risk and prioritize remediation

NEW — Segmentation for OT Networks

eyeInspect now integrates with eyeSegment to simplify segmentation and reduce risk in converging IT-OT environments and within OT networks.

  • Baseline current network flows in OT networks
  • Reduce the risk of threats crossing between IT to OT domains
  • Reduce blast radius of threats within your OT network


Persona-Centric User Experience
An enhanced eyeSegment UI and new eyeInspect UI that embrace eyeSight’s recent persona-centric user experience

12M+ Device Cloud
The world’s largest data lake of crowdsourced device intelligence classifies all connected things across the extended enterprise

Unparalleled Enterprise Scale
Scale to 2 million devices in a single deployment to keep pace with the explosive growth and diversity of connected things

See what’s new in eyeInspect 4.2!

Join us for the webinar on September 2nd as we share the new capabilities of eyeInspect.

*Forescout eyeInspect 4.2 is expected to be generally available (GA) in Q4 2020