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Kutztown University Chooses Forescout CounterACT Network Access Control

Visibility and control of all connected devices simplifies student startup, saves IT resources

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Cupertino, Calif. — April 17, 2012 — Forescout Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of automated security control solutions for Fortune 1000 enterprises and government organizations, today announced that Kutztown University has joined the expanding group of customers who have replaced their earlier generation network access control (NAC) solutions with Forescout CounterACT.

Like other IT organizations, Kutztown had invested in an in-band NAC solution, but faced challenges with agent requirements, on-boarding of new students, mobile device growth and continuous monitoring of connected devices. After an intensive evaluation of five NAC products, Kutztown chose Forescout CounterACT, which enabled the IT organization to achieve greater endpoint visibility and control.  The university was able to quickly implement the Forescout platform without changing their existing infrastructure, simplify student on-boarding, advance mobile device coverage and reduce help desk demand.

Before implementing Forescout CounterACT, students connected more than 6,000 devices to the network, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops, without security managers fully knowing what the devices were. Prior to their first login, it was mandatory that devices were completely compliant with security policies such as anti-virus updates. With 4,400 students moving in at the same time, this created a big support spike. Even worse, after on-boarding devices could not be easily or continuously checked again unless the user logged out and re-connected, creating risk to the network of potential malware and other exposures.

“With students connecting laptops, smart phones, and tablets, we need to know at all times what devices are connected to our network and if they are secure,” said Bill Eben, coordinator for residential computing at Kutztown University.  “As a result of our evaluation, we went with Forescout. CounterACT provided great visibility, easier deployment and more flexible policies.  More importantly, we saved time and resources with reduced help desk calls and incidents.”

Another important advantage is that CounterACT’s superior visibility into connected devices, flexible policy management and continual endpoint monitoring enabled Kutztown to move from a pre-connect compliance model to a post-connect compliance model.  For example, the network team can now permit students with slightly out-of-date anti-virus to connect to the network, and then automatically send them regular reminders to update their software to avoid service interruption.  This results in less frustration and a better user experience for students, plus lower help desk tickets at the start of and during the semester, all without losing control of the network.

“CounterACT greatly enhances our ability to communicate with students.  Now, if I see a device has a problem, such as a student with anti-virus that is not up-to-date, we can send an e-mail notification directly to the student,” said Eben. “Since Forescout tells us instantly if a device becomes non-compliant, we can now take immediate action to protect both the student and the network.”

Other advantages important to the University include:

  • Centrally detects and monitors more than 6,000 devices connected to the student network
  • Identifies insecure devices in real-time, facilitates remediation and enforces compliance with security policies
  • Discovers inappropriate use of network resources as well as potential network threats due to rogue wireless access points and exposed wired ports
  • Delivers broad support across client operating systems, antivirus programs and other endpoint security countermeasures with means for self- and automated remediation
  • Requires no changes to the existing architecture, which includes Avaya/Nortel switches and routers and MERU wireless controllers

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania is a state regional university with 10,300 students, located in a rural setting between the cities of Allentown and Reading, Pennsylvania.

Forescout was recognized by SC Magazine’s 2012 Reader Trust Award as the company with the Best Network Access Control (NAC) product.  Forescout was also recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the largest independent NAC vendor and one that is growing the fastest among market leaders. To obtain an abridged copy of Frost & Sullivan 2012 NAC market analysis, visit www.forescout.com/frost2012.

About Forescout Technologies, Inc.
Forescout enables organizations to accelerate productivity and connectivity by allowing users to access corporate network resources where, how and when needed without compromising security.  Forescout’s automated solutions for network access control, mobile security, endpoint compliance and threat prevention empower IT agility while preempting risks and eliminating remediation costs.  Because the Forescout CounterACT platform is easy to deploy, unobtrusive, intelligent and scalable, it has been chosen by more than 1,300 of the world’s most secure enterprises and military installations for global deployments spanning 37 countries.  Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Forescout delivers its solutions through its network of authorized partners worldwide.  Learn more at www.forescout.com.


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